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The story behind the viral 'apartheid' photo

Recently, a photograph made waves for its apparent depiction of the disparities in the treatment of Israeli and Palestinian minors. This is what happened to the boys in the photo, with a strange twist involving an Israeli soldier lost in a Palestinian village. 

By Avi Blecherman (translated by Hadas Leonov)

The following story is going to make your jaw drop, as it demonstrates the absurdity of this place, a reality beyond any imagination — especially if you are a Palestinian. This is a story about a family in Jerusalem who encounters the police three times in the span of a few days. Each encounter is its own adventure.

You probably remember the powerful photo shared across social media outlets from a few weeks back. Well, not the exact one, but rather its twin that was sold to one of the big news agencies. This one is very close to the original:

A. (right) is arrested by Border Police, while the Jewish boy who accused A. of assaulting him, Jerusalem's Old City, July 25, 2015. (photo: Mahmoud Illean)

A. (right) is arrested by Border Police, while the Jewish boy who accused A. of assaulting him, Jerusalem’s Old City, July 25, 2015. (photo: Mahmoud Illean)

It was taken a few Sundays ago during Tisha B’Av (a Jewish day of fasting which commemorates the destruction of both the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem) in the Muslim Quarter market not far from Damascus Gate. In the photo we see a Palestinian teen being arrested by two Israeli Border Police officers, looking nervous as his hands are folded behind his back. To his left is a Jewish boy, most likely a resident of the Muslim Quarter. A policeman accompanies him, only that the former gently puts his hand on the boy’s shoulder, as if he is strolling with his younger brother. He is even suppressing a tiny smile.

In the original photo the Jewish boy is seen talking to the policeman, and it is clear he feels comfortable with him. One might guess that the reason they are there together is related to something that happened a moment earlier, though it is impossible to know from the photo. The difference in body language between the two boys — and between them and the policemen — is well pronounced, giving the photo its power. They illustrate better than any description what occupation and apartheid look like: a regime based on total separation between two groups that are treated in a very different manner by the government.

But this post will describe what the photo doesn’t reveal, including the sequence of events that occurred before and after it was taken. The story that I bring here relies on the testimony by both the Palestinian teen who was arrested, as well as that of his father.

The father, Muhammed, told me:

My son A,, who is 14.5 years old, traveled from our village, Issawiya, to the market in the Old City. Our friends have a shop there and he went to visit them. My son says a settler boy passed by him, the same one who appears in the photo next to him. Nothing happened between them, and yet that boy went to the cops and complained that my son had hit him. He accused at seven Palestinian children — among them my son — and they were immediately arrested. People who witnessed what happened saw my son being dragged on the ground through the market and then taken to the police station.

At the station, the father says, the seven boys were lowered to the floor and made to sit on their knees while their hands were cuffed.

Anyone who lifted his head up for a moment was hit. My son said the policemen hit them in their stomach, head, back and legs. They tried to scare them while the boys attempted to explain they didn’t do anything and that the settler boy made the whole thing up. But nobody listened to them. They were cursed and beaten. No one called us or contacted a lawyer. They were simply beaten because that boy complained. The entire story became known to us when the photos from the arrest spread in the social media. When I saw it I simply went mad, I ran to the police.

When I got there, they had already released them after they found out that the boy lied. The police just threw the boys out and denied any claim that they had hit them. Ever since my son is constantly anxious. He is still a boy, a good boy. Think about what this does to a child who is arrested and beaten just like that. But look at him, he tells all the people who came to visit him that he is alright and that he’s lucky. Think of all the Palestinians who are arrested and sit in jail without being released after a few hours like he was.

Jerusalem Police responded to the claims as follows:

Due to the officers’ suspicion that the minor was involved in a violent incident, he was taken to the nearby police station. Even prior to the arrival of the policemen with the minor to the police station, it was made clear that he was most likely not involved in the incident and was therefore immediately released. Meanwhile, the police are acting to locate those who were involved in the incident.

‘Get me an officer!’

The story was supposed to end here, but the next morning brought about an absurd plot twist.

Muhammed and his family live in the village of Issawiya in East Jerusalem, adjacent to Mount Scopus and the French Hill. While still with his son and family at home, while everyone was trying to go back to their normal routine following the arrest, the phone rang. A friend from the village called Muhammed to come outside to look at something odd: an IDF soldier in uniform walking alone through Issawiya without a weapon, as if he fell out of the sky. “I asked the friend whether he belongs to the Border Police or city police, because that is what we typically see here. But he just answered ‘No, he’s a real soldier — come and see.’”

I went outside and saw a soldier in a navy uniform who looked completely lost. I approached him with a few other people, and he looked a bit stressed. I asked him how he got here, and whether he knew he was in a Palestinian village. He said: ‘I accidentally got off the bus here, the app indicated that it’s here.’ I told him not to worry, and come to my car so that I could drive him to the gas station at the entrance to the village.

WATCH: Muhammed and the soldier in the cab. (Courtesy of Channel 10’s Hatzinor, Hebrew only)

During their trip, Muhammed did two things. First he called the police and told them he picked up a soldier that wound up in the village, that the soldier is being safely transported to the exit of Issawiya where they are welcome to pick him up. Second, he started shooting a video just in case, for whatever blame they may try to put on him. Muhammed was incarcerated for many years because he participated in the First Intifada. Today he is active in the struggle against land expropriation and home demolitions in East Jerusalem, taking a nonviolent approach to fighting the occupation, while maintaining contact with many left-wing Israeli activists.

“You have to understand the reality here,” he tells me, “the police here are looking to blame us for anything. And with my past, if the police see me me, they’ll detain me, they will want to get my car off the road and give me a report. They hassle me about every little thing.”

When they arrived at the gas station, the police who were summoned there had yet to arrive. In the video, Muhammed is seen telling the embarrassed soldier: “I don’t think your government worries about you too much, you must be from the Mizrahim (Jews of Arab descent) — an Iraqi or Yemenite.

“Look, they did not even ask about you. If they were worried, the policemen would have come here straight away!” Then he is heard speaking in Arabic to someone: “A soldier entered Issawiya by mistake and nobody is asking about him. We asked for an officer to come to pick him up and nobody is coming. It must be because he’s a Jew of Arab descent, otherwise they would have recruited the Americans and French to come here too.”

After a while, a police car arrived to pick up the soldier. One of the Border Police officers approached the soldier and said to him: “You know this is a racist village, a village of murderers, you are lucky you weren’t killed,” as Muhammed sat right next to them. When Muhammed protested, the policeman answered him rudely, threatened him and demanded that he get out of there. That moment was documented as well.

Muhammed became upset. “Why do you treat me with such racism?” he asked, “If something would have happened to him, all of the Israeli police would be here, but we brought him here safely. Look at how we behave and how you behave.” Then the police officer in charge came and apologized. “Leave him, he’s just a kid,” he said about the young policeman.

“It is not like there weren’t people from the village who told me that I should leave him there, and let him go to hell. Some of them did not like what I did, but this is really not our culture. You see him without a weapon, scared, alone, with nobody around him. He’s a human being. No one knows more about this feeling than I.”

Avi Blecherman is an Israeli activist and journalist. This article was first published in Hebrew on Local Call, where he is a blogger.This article was first published in Hebrew on Local Call, where he/she is a blogger. Read it here.

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    1. Ben

      Just a Lord of the Land getting an early start in life. Someone remarked on these pages that “there is no reason why lording necessarily means that it needs to be nasty.” Such words could only be spoken by someone with either a touchingly naive faith in the inherent goodness and incorruptibility of men — something that the American Founding Fathers would have scorned — or with a disturbing tendency to overestimate the ability of a particular group of people to be somehow better than other groups of human beings and less prone to the absolutely corrupting power of absolute power. (And in either case with a disturbing failure to understand what it must be like to be lorded over no matter how “nice” the lords are. You would have to regard the lorded over ones as untermenschen deserving lording over by übermenschen.) The child in this article is literally a poster child for the contrary proposition.

      Reply to Comment
    2. Gustav

      I just love these scornful articles. It pretends, by omitting how Arabs relate to Jews, that in the reverse situation, Arabs treat Jews with brotherly love instead of lynching our boys.

      W-A-R which bit of war does the author does not understand? War is ugly. We don’t want war. The Palestinian Arabs were the ones who resorted to violence at every turn in the last 100 years. Do you therefore want our border police to love them? We “love them” as much as “they love us”.

      Reply to Comment
      • Gustav

        Here, read about how Arabs treat Jews…


        They lynched two of our reservists who lost their way and wandered into Ramallah…

        “Aziz Salha, one of the lynchers, waving his blood-stained hands from the police station window. Salha was later arrested by Israel and sentenced to life imprisonment, but was released in 2011 as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange.”

        Reply to Comment
        • Ben

          Classic Gustav. In response to an article on the kindness and decency of “an Arab” (Muhammed!) who just this month shepherded a lost Jew to safety and for his efforts got treated with arrogant lordly disdain by a young Jewish cop, Gustav, camped out 24/7 at +972 and leaving no article or comment unattacked, treats us to his 500th rehashing of a 15 year old incident from the raging second intifada to tell us…”how Arabs relate to Jews” and “how Arabs treat Jews.” Just classic.

          Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            “Gustav, camped out 24/7 at +972”

            LOL, classic Benny. The pot calling the kettle black. Now tell us Benny dear, how do you know when I am here unless you are here too? Hey, don’t ya like my company?

            As for the kindly old Arab shepherd. Even if true, that is the exception. The lynching and the massacre of the Fogel family including the murder of the baby to whom the murderous Arab perpetrators returned to murder the baby after they already massacred the rest of it’s family and heard the baby cry, that is the norm.

            But articles like this and The Bennies of this world, try to keep the spirit of Durban alive and always talk about eeeevvvviillll Zionists and kindly Palestinian Arabs who are always victims but never victimize. Shame!

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            I mentioned the lynching because it was carried out under the very noses of the PA police by hundreds of WB Arabs. But if Benny wants a more recent case then he can feast his eyes on this…


            “12 Israelis wounded in stabbing attack on Tel Aviv bus
            Three in serious condition; assailant, West Bank male who entered Israel illegally, was shot in the leg; Hamas official hails ‘bold, heroic act’; Netanyahu blames PA for attack, Lieberman blames Palestinian and Israeli Arab leadership.”

            It happened in 2015. But one can go back 100 years and year after year, even before the occupation Arab terror against us was and seems still to be the norm. Go on Benny, just try and deny it!

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            …and here is what the norm amongst Arabs is in 2015…


            “Average Palestinians and those in positions of power again demonstrated their commitment to and desire for peace with Israel by praising and celebrating a brutal terrorist attack in Tel Aviv on Wednesday morning, when a 22-year-old Arab man boarded a public bus and stabbed 17 Jews.”

            Want more examples, Benny?

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            I had thought to myself “now watch him obtusely catalogue Arab on Jew attacks–wait for it.” And here you are right on cue. LoL. Of course I could obsessively catalogue Jew on Arab attacks. If I was like you. But I’ll let the main article speak for itself. Because it, and your replies to it, speak volumes about what is really going on. Just listen to you.

            (How do I know you live at +972? Because I can be away 8, 12, 15, 24 hours, make a comment, and with startling regularity you pounce within minutes.)

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            Yes, the article speaks for itself. The mere fact that according to it the soldier was scared for his life tells a story.

            Nevertheless, I would have let it go had you, Benny, not come out with your usual malicious comment about “lording it” and referring to an earlier comment of mine on another thread belittling what I said about how things could be better if there would be peace.

            Then after I brought you down to earth by mentioning the lynching of our reservists in Ramallah you dismissed it as something that just happened 15 years ago no longer worth talking about because it isn’t the norm, of course you knew what’s coming after that. Ya asked for it, ya nasty little man.

            All you do with your comments here is promote counter hatred. I say “counter” because you make it obvious what a petty little hater you are. You bring out the worst in people.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            What’s malicious about calling the boy a precocious Lord of the Land? Are you going tell me his behavior (complete with the enabling behavior of the police) is not that of an entitled, coddled little lord treating his subjects with utter contempt? Where’s the malice in calling him what he is?

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            I am not even bothering to explain to Benny what is malicious about his posts. All one needs to do is read even his last post and be infected by the obvious malice which oozes from it.

            As for the counter accusations that you could bring against us Jews. Yep, no doubt you could. But by doing it, you would be ignoring ’cause and effect’. You know, Benny, here on earth if you throw something up in the air, the object falls. In the same way, if Arabs commit terrorism against Jews, there are consequences. And Benny, I can provide irrefutable proof that the initial acts of violence in history were initiated by the Arabs against us Jews. Go read up on the 1929 massacre of the Jews of Hebron.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            The irony being of course it’s the boy who was malicious. But mustn’t mention that! Let’s stay off topic!

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            The irony is of course is to bring up an endless litany of “Jewish malice” and ignore all context. Ignore cause and effect and the big picture and to create a cartoon world in which Israel is the villain and the Palestinian Arabs are innocent victims who are being lorded over.

            And then Benny puts his hand on his heart and asks innocently; “what’s malicious…?”

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            “there is no reason why lording necessarily means that it needs to be nasty.”

            Yes, I made such a comment in response to one of Benny’s provocative comment about how one race (us Jews) is lording it over another race (the Arabs). Firstly, I pointed out to Benny that neither Jews nor Arabs are a race. We are both part of two respective ethnic groups.

            …then I pointed out to him, using his own words (in irony) that here in Israel/Palestine, there is no other option but for one group or the other to “lord it” over the other. Of course, I explained what I really meant by that was that either we Jews are the majority in Israel or the Arabs would be. And I added that of course WE prefer to be the majority because there has to be one place on this earth where we Jews can prevent the historic repetition of us being an oppressed minority.

            Last but not least, I reminded Benny that just because Jews are a majority, it would not necessarily mean that the Arab minority would be oppressed if there would be peace. But it seems that Benny doesn’t want to have a bar of that. He is invoking none other than the founding fathers of America to tell all and sundry that what I say is somehow impossible because it is against the very nature of humanity. Ok then, Benny, I don’t necessarily agree but if you are right, then it is even more of a reason why we are determined to be a majority in one place on this earth. Otherwise we would be the ones to be oppressed.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            Gustav: “there is no other option but for one group or the other to ‘lord it’ over the other…what I really meant by that was that either we Jews are the majority in Israel or the Arabs would be.”

            No other option eh? You’ve made your position clear. This in response to an article that shows a majority lording it over a minority in the most glaring fashion, maliciously, for no other reason than that it can.

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            DEN:”No other option eh? You’ve made your position clear.”

            Yep, either a Jewish majority or an Arab majority. Am I wrong? Ok then you tell us YOUR option. I am all ears.

            Oh wait, maybe you want to empty the place of both Jews and Arabs?

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            Gustav the relentless tribalist. The relentless invoker of racialist motives. The relentless blame externalizer. Who likes to talk about context and cause and effect with the occupation excised from the equation. Who thinks Avi Blecherman wrote a story about a malicious kid, trained in malice by adults, but the perp is Jewish so we mustn’t talk about the maliciousness! That would be anti-Semitic! Or self-hating! Of course! So we’ll just have to continue the occupation. Of course! Meanwhile “we have to tear out thousands of olive trees to build a wall. It’s only about security. I swear.” Of course!

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            Benny is like a dog with a bone.

            All he wants to talk about is the outcome (the occupation) not the causes, the relentless 100 year war waged by the Arabs against the Jews in order to achieve a different outcome, Arab supremacy.

            And of course, Benny also wants to ignore the fact that the Arabs still refuse to sign a peace deal which would leave intact a Jewish state. Hence the occupation continues. And he calls US the supremacists.

            …then he puts his hand on his heart again and says; hey, this is just an innocent ‘one-off’ article talking about a “supremacist boy” (an Israeli boy of course). And he pretends that it isn’t a string of out of context articles which this publication relentlessly churns out to prove to the world what “bastards the Jews of Israel are”. And “what innocent victims the poor Palestinians are”. And how much Benny himself relishes such a narrative which has no other name than PROPAGANDA and MISINFORMATION. Hey Benny, did you know that one form of lying is telling only half the story….??????

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            …and not once does Benny even attempts to address points that I make. All he does is relentlessly repeats his accusations about “lording it”…”occupation”….”Israeli supremacists” etc. It is almost as if he is sexually aroused every time he accuses, accuses and accuses more…

            Not one word about causes, history, context and alternatives.

            Reply to Comment
          • Mars Mercury

            “Benny is like a dog with a bone.”

            Yes he is. But unlike a dog, Benny likes the bone somewhere else…

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            “The relentless invoker of racialist motives.”

            This is just obscene!!!!

            Israel was formed in reaction to the historic persecution of Jews in Europe. Jews were also historically oppressed in Arab countries (sometimes more sometimes less). But now WE are the racists because we insist that one place on this earth, Israel, has to have a Jewish majority.

            Not only is it obscene to call US racists for that, it is also perverse and RACIST to do so. Yes, people who object to a solitary Jewish majority state are RACISTS because they don’t object to other states which have other ethnicities as majorities. YES, Benny himself is a RACIST!!!

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            Who’s objecting to a majority Jewish state? Another strawman. I’m objecting to your utter complacency about lordship, occupation and the behavior of unchecked majorities, i.e., the topic of this article.

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            Took you long enough to say it. But at least you now said that you are not against a Jewish majority state. Kudos to you for that…

            But your Arab friends DO object to a Jewish majority state. That’s why they waged this 100 year war against us and that’s why they still refuse to sign a peace deal with us. Because that would mean giving up their fight against the Jewish majority state.

            Now, Benny, show me a war in which one side or the other treated it’s enemy citizens the same way that it treats it’s own citizens (during the war) and I will show you a liar.

            During peace times, it will be possible.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            Kudos to me for knocking down your strawman? Ok. Thank you for the bedtime story from Gustav’s Grim Fairy Tales. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz It definitely beats Sluggo’s Scuzzy Sodomite Bathroom Tales.

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            Come again Benny? How exactly did you knock down my straw man?

            Unless of course you are saying that I am wrong about any of this…?

            1. “But your Arab friends DO object to a Jewish majority state. That’s why they waged this 100 year war against us and that’s why they still refuse to sign a peace deal with us. Because that would mean giving up their fight against the Jewish majority state.”

            Or this…?

            2. “Now, Benny, show me a war in which one side or the other treated it’s enemy citizens the same way that it treats it’s own citizens (during the war) and I will show you a liar.”

            Or this…?

            3. “During peace times, it will be possible.”

            Let me guess… once again Benny will skulk off without either admitting that he is wrong or giving a LOGICAL counter argument to prove ME wrong. Either that, or he will say, “we will agree to disagree”. LOL.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            “Now children, gather round while grandpa tells you for the millionth time a sweet fairy tale of ‘The 100 Years War’, the Good Jews, and the Vewy Vewy Bad Awabs….” Gustav. You’re a broken record. Every single sentence is anywhere from 100% to 50% wrong. We’ve been over this so many times. I’m not into mere repetition. Argue with somebody else. These things never go anywhere. I’ve got better things to do. So do you. Your idiosyncratic, totally one-sided 100 year war theory of causation is not an all purpose get out of jail free card that you can wave about to nullify the grinding daily land-grabbing injustices and cruelties of the occupation. I’m sorry. And we’ve already exposed the “security” excuses as the excuses they are…. Etc etc etc. We both have better things to do, don’t you agree, than engage in yet another inane, protracted pseudo-discussion that goes nowhere?

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            Thank you Benny, you are true to form again, you refuse to answer my questions yet you made a number of unsubstantiated allegations which I thoroughly debunked so now you are doing another runner. Well, that’s ok with me, but it is worth summarizing…

            1. You brought up Bradley Burston, one of your Gurus, who feels that because of incidents such as the firebombing by one of our idiots, we are an apartheid state.

            …well, I beg to differ. Much as such an act is/was disgusting, we are not the only ones who do that kind of thing. Such things happen in ALL wars. Yet we don’t and didn’t call other states involved in wars, apartheid states.

            2. You called me, yes, you Benny, called me a supremacist because I advocate a Jewish majority state. Yet you admit that you are not against a Jewish majority state. So, Benny, sorry that I am laughing at you, but that makes you too a supremacist? And what about the Arabs? They want an Arab majority state. Does that make them supremacists?

            To be continued …

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            I didn’t “bring up Bradley Burston.” I quoted him. It is not an argument to call him a “guru.” It’s childish name calling and anti-intellectual. Moreover, I never called you a supremacist because you advocate a Jewish majority state. Stop putting words in my mouth and twisting the words I say. I’m done playing games with you. The firebombers, and the kid at the top of this page, are not “one of our idiots,” they are end products of an entire system. Carefully cultivated hothouse plants. Not “wild weeds.” It will do no good to speak of “wild weeds” that grow “at the edge of the field.” When (as Nehemia Shtrasler reported) settler enthusiast Israel Harel tried to downplay a previous settler outrage by talking of “wild weeds,” a kibbutz farmer in the audience stood up and told Harel: “Young man, I don’t know what kind of farmer you are, but I’ve been a farmer for 50 years and I’m telling you that wild weeds don’t grow at the edge of the field, they grow next to the irrigation valve.”

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            Really Benny? You did not call me a supremacist because I advocate for a Jewish majority state? Then why DID you call me a supremacist? Because it just seemed like a good idea at the time…???!!!

            The firebombers and the kid are part of a carefully cultivated system? Really Benny? I would say that they are an integral outcome of the 100 years of violence and hatred directed against us by your Palestinian Arab friends.

            And let’s just be serious for a moment (believe me it is difficult when one comes across a one eyed individual like you. I mean you are almost comical, Benny, in a tragi-comic sort of a way…).
            I would say that the Palestinian Arabs too are to some extent reacting to the way that we deal with them. That’s what war does, it is messy. It brings out the best and the worst in people. It is a vicious cycle.

            Having said that. The only way that this can end if the Arabs will accept the nation state of the Jewish people and if they compromise. Otherwise, this can go on for the next 100 years. They have a choice to live alongside us as peaceful neighbors or continue things as they are. The only choice WE have is to react to THEIR choice.

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            …continued from previous post…

            3. Oh but wait… says Benny… the 100 year war is just in my [Gustav’s imagination]. Ok, what can one say to that? I must have imagined it all, the pogroms such as the 1929 Hebron massacre of Jews, the Arab revolt of the 1930s, the 1948 war, the Fedayeen, the 1967 war, the subsequent acts of terror, the Intifadah and more acts of terror. I don’t know what came over me Benny… [I am being sarcastic of course].

            4. The land grabbing says Benny. He is right about having discussed it before. So let me reiterate the arguments against his assertion briefly.

            UN SC Resolution 242 advocated that Israel should return to secure and recognized borders. Had the Arabs accepted that idea immediately after the 1967 war, Israel would have agreed to minor border adjustments around Jerusalem. But since the Palestinian Arabs refuse to this day to sign a peace deal, we were forced to implement more stringent security measures by building a narrow security corridor of settlements around the narrowest parts of the pre 1967 boundaries, which by the way were never formal borders. They were just the 1949 armistice lines.

            And no, we will now not vacate those settlements because that would not only involve a security risk but it would cause us major socio-economic hardship. We have however offered land swaps for the sake of peace.

            So you see Benny? Your “land grab” comment is just emotive clap-trap which is known as propaganda.

            OK, I’ll stop here. I am just wasting my time on Benny, on that at least we agree. Till next time though, Benny. Because I am not about to let your one sided pro Arab propaganda go unchallanged.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            I called you a supremacist because you said what you said. Go to the first comment on this thread and proceed. Our “discussions “move in endless loops. It takes a lot of nerve to construe the occupation as “security” and not a land grab. You would try to sell snow to the Inuit. As Zertal and Eldar, authors of ‘Lords of the Land’ make clear, the “security fence” that snakes through the West Bank is an unparalleled land grab. It was “constructed with no reckoning and no logic other than the purpose of enclosing as many settlements as possible on the western, Israeli, side and dividing up and seizing Palestinian lands.” Zertal and Eldar are Israelis and they weren’t born yesterday. And I checked: they’re not “gurus.”

            Reply to Comment
          • Gustav

            BEN:”I called you a supremacist because you said what you said. Go to the first comment on this thread and proceed.”

            This is what I said in my first post, Benny…

            GUSTAV:”I just love these scornful articles. It pretends, by omitting how Arabs relate to Jews, that in the reverse situation, Arabs treat Jews with brotherly love instead of lynching our boys.”

            The rest of my first post, I talked about the 100 year war which the Arabs waged against us.

            THE ABOVE, according to Benny makes me a supremacist. Ya gotta laugh…

            BEN:” Our “discussions “move in endless loops.”

            Yep, because you come here endlessly repeating your hateful comments and dropping your verbal hand grenades against us. You repeat …I therefore repeat. Got it, Benny?

            BEN:”It takes a lot of nerve to construe the occupation as “security”

            See what I mean, Benny? There you go on about the occupation again but forget to mention that it continues because the Arabs refuse to sign a peace deal with us.

            BEN:”You would try to sell snow to the Inuit.”

            I am not trying to sell you anything Benny. You are too hateful and dumb to buy.

            I am here to correct your lies and distortions. You are like a second hand car salesman who assures the buyer that the used car has been regularly serviced but forgets to tell the buyer that a major fault was found in the last service check which is still there…

            You constantly tell half the story, Benny. Yes there is occupation and yes bad things happen. But the occupation exists because your Arabs refuse to sign a peace deal and bad things happen because your Palestinian Arabs insist on war. That you just dismiss or refuse to discuss.

            BEN:”And I checked: they’re not “gurus”

            Really? Then why do you treat them like gurus, Like their word is infallible? Why can’t you check alternate and less biassed sources? Why not use your own brain? Because, you quote them constantly so to you Benny, they ARE gurus. You treat them like gurus but you are right, don’t expect the rest of us sane people to treat them like gurus.

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      • Santa

        There are no war in Palestine, only brutal occupation of dispossessed people who have no military !

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