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The South Africa connection--rereading a great article

A link to a 2006 piece by Guardian correspondent Chris McGreal on the connection(s) between Israel and apartheid South Africa.

I wish I had been a reader of the Guardian when this two-part article on the parallels between South Africa and Israel by veteran journalist Chris McGreal came out in 2006. Sadly, I was still a US-centric consumer of media and I missed it. Lucky to have come upon this article and share it with our readers, if you have the time to read one of the great pieces on this conflict by a journalist who was stationed in both Johannesburg and Jerusalem, it is every bit worth the read.

*I read the second-part first, which is fine too.



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    1. Palestinian

      I cant really find connection between Israel and apartheid South Africa , the Brits have never denied that they occupied several nations ,stole their resources and abused them ,they never tried to steal their identity and history ,they didnt have to distort history and create a fake identity at the expense of the indigenous populations.Israel is a different type of occupation and incomparable to other invaders.

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    2. Shaun

      Funny how Goldreich is still happy to live in Apartheid Israel rather than return to post Apartheid South Africa. Maybe this his something to do with it?

      Its easy to criticize all the “alliances” made by Israel and apartheid South Africa, but keep in mind that the ANC also accepted support from a host of dubious dictators and despots.

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