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The paranoid ramblings of a leader who's lost his grip

Days before national elections, incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lays out an elaborate plot to unseat him, which he claims is being run by foreign liberals who want peace. ‘They’ll withdraw to the 1967 boundaries and they will divide Jerusalem — just as Tzipi and Buji promised they would do. They know that unlike Tzipi and Buji, the Likud and I will never surrender to pressure,’ Netanyahu writes in a long Facebook status.

Benjamin Netanyahu. (photo: Activestills.org)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (photo: Activestills.org)

Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent Facebook status, posted on Friday in Hebrew, is distinctly odd. It makes him sound like a rambling paranoid who’s off his meds, and local reporters have definitely noticed, with various Israeli journalists exchanging comments in Hebrew and English on social media platforms. In response to popular demand, I’ve translated the status into English (below).

A couple of explanatory notes: Noni Mozes is the publisher of Yedioth Ahoronoth, a veteran publication that for many years had the biggest share of newspaper readers until Sheldon Adelson launched Israel Hayom about five years ago, which is distributed for free. Israel Hayom is a serious newspaper, but its news and analysis follows an unswervingly pro-Netanyahu editorial line. For this reason it is often referred to as the “Bibiton,” which is a portmanteau of Netanyahu’s popular nickname and “iton,” the Hebrew word for newspaper.

According to the final pre-election polls, with results posted on Friday, Likud is down to 20, an all-time low in the polls this election season, while the Zionist Union (led by Tzipi Livni and Isaac “Buji” Herzog) is at 24. Netanyahu is now under tremendous pressure. He runs the risk of losing the election for Likud. And his party seems to be blaming him for running a disastrous campaign, including the heavily criticized speech to Congress that ended up generating a backlash in Israel.

The translated status:

The government of the Right is in danger. Leftist activists and the foreign and international media are conspiring to get Tzipi and Buji elected via illegitimate means, using innuendo and foreign money.

Their goal is to widen the gap so that the Zionist Union polls higher than the Likud. The only way to ensure they fail is for us to close that gap in the remaining days before the elections. Those who vote for the nationalist camp don’t have the privilege of voting for other parties. You must vote for the Likud.

We have received many reports from people who work for Yedioth Ahoronoth regarding [publisher] Noni Mozes, who is leading a carefully orchestrated campaign against me. He is aided by various organizations that function with the support of tycoons in Israel and abroad, and also with the support of foreign governments. A similar effort was made in 1999 [the last time Netanyahu lost an election].

Mozes and the Yedioth Group are working in full cooperation with the head of the Labor party. Tzipi Livni herself admitted this month at a public event that she had spoken with the publisher of Yedioth Ahoronoth, Noni Mozes, about pushing forward legislation that is meant to stop the publication of Israel Hayom [the pro-Netanyahu, free daily newspaper owned by Sheldon Adelson].

According to the Zionist Union party’s manifesto, Tzipi and Buji are committed to closing down Israel Hayom. This was reported in The Marker [an Israeli financial newspaper that is published by the Schocken Group / Haaretz].

It’s well known that the Yedioth Ahoronoth Group levels allegations related to social-welfare issues at me and the Likud, but it’s less known that during the 2011 social justice protests, which were the largest Israel has seen, Mozes gave the order to bury reports about the protests. He thought the protests were harming his business with a drastic decline in advertising revenue during that period.

The public should know the truth: Noni Mozes is leading a campaign against the Likud and against me in the name of his business interests. He wants to bring back the dangerous, undemocratic monopoly that prevailed when his newspaper was the most dominant. Mozes’s goal is to bring a leftist government to power. Leftist activists in Israel and abroad are pouring tens of millions of dollars into organizations that are leading the “anyone but Bibi” campaign.

These organizations are working to persuade Arab voters to cast their ballots for the left. They have even initiated a house-to-house campaign in recent weeks.

The enlistment of foreign organizations is not for financial reasons or social reasons, but for political reasons. Those foreign organizations understand that if Tzipi and Buji are in charge, they will give up everything. They’ll withdraw to the 1967 boundaries and they will divide Jerusalem — just as Tzipi and Buji promised they would do do. They know that unlike Tzipi and Buji, the Likud and I will never surrender to pressure.

These foreign organizations understand that the only thing blocking a withdrawal to the ‘67 boundaries, dividing Jerusalem, the establishment of “Hamastan B” on the hills that overlook Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport and all of Israel, and accepting a nuclear Iran — the only thing — is a Likud government.

The only response to Noni Mozes’s campaign of seduction and to the millions of dollars that are flowing in from abroad to leftist organizations, is to go next week and cast the only ballot possible: only Likud.

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    1. Pedro X

      Why get in a tizzy? Netanyahu does what politicians do. Whether Zionist Camp or Camp Likud win, Israel will continue to exist and move on with daily life. Israel will still be the nation state of the Jewish people. The IDF will still be there to protect the Israeli nation. Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria will continue to grow. The Palestinians will remain rejectionists no matter what former Likud, Kadima, Hatnua, Labor and Zionist Camp Tzipi Livni and Herzog offer him. Hamas will start another war and the new defense minister will bomb Gaza again. Things may change but they will stay the same.

      Reply to Comment
    2. Brian

      Amos Oz should be read by everyone with access to this and especially the ones who see “talking” for another ten years under cover of pseudo-liberalism and fake leftism as good tactics and strategy–what Oz calls “all kinds of wise guys here.”

      Amos Oz has a recipe for saving Israel
      To prevent the emergence of a dictatorship of fanatic Jews, or of an Arab state in Israel, we must stop trying to ‘manage the conflict’ and create two states here. Now. Excerpts from two recent talks by Oz.


      “We’ll begin with the most important thing, with a matter of life-and-death for the State of Israel: If there will not be two states here, and fast, there will be one state here. If there will be one state here, it will be an Arab state, from the sea to the Jordan River…

      If there are not two states here, and fast, it’s very possible that, in order to avert the emergence of an Arab state from the sea to the Jordan River, a dictatorship of fanatic Jews will rule here temporarily, a dictatorship with racist features, a dictatorship that will suppress both the Arabs and its own Jewish opponents with an iron hand.

      Such a dictatorship will be short-lived. Hardly any dictatorship of a minority that suppresses the majority has survived long in the modern era. At the end of that road, too, an Arab state, from the sea to the Jordan River awaits us, and before that perhaps also an international boycott, or a bloodbath, or both….

      There are all kinds of wise guys here who tell us that there is no solution to the conflict, and who therefore preach the idea of “managing” it…

      We must never forget that at least twice in our history we found ourselves embroiled in a war against almost the whole world, and on those previous occasions it ended very badly.

      I envision a time that is not far off when workers in Amsterdam, in Dublin or in Madrid will refuse to service El Al planes. Customers will boycott Israeli products, leaving them on the shelves. Investors and tourists will shun Israel. The Israeli economy will collapse. We are already at least halfway there…

      The same fearmongers who frightened us with the Soviet army at the gates of Kfar Sava are now scaring us again…”

      Reply to Comment
      • Jonathan

        Great. Now the Arabs can just say no. Amos Oz has given them the recipe to get everything.

        Amos Oz was wrong about Oslo when he said it was reversible. He and his ilk are responsible for these boycotts they now scare us with.

        Reply to Comment
    3. I was surprised (I shouldn’t have been) to read this facebook post that is clearly geared to Israelis since it was in Hebrew but not a single word about IRAN. All of a sudden that issue which he went all the way to Washington for and created a rift with the Whitehouse under the claim that he was doing this for the sake of the safety of Israelis, was not even mentioned in this diatribe which proves again that it was a mere show, that seems now to have backfired.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Santafeli

      Indeed… the only thing blocking a withdrawal to the ‘67 boundaries, dividing Jerusalem, the establishment of “Hamastan B” on the hills that overlook Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport and all of Israel, and accepting a nuclear Iran — the only thing — is a Likud government.

      Reply to Comment
    5. Brian

      Is Netanyahu a traitor? He tried to undermine his own intelligence agency:


      Are the Republican congressmen, who howled in support of this foreign leader trying to scuttle the negotiations of their own government, traitors?

      Reply to Comment
    6. Kory Satter

      He is starting to sound more like the dictators of the Arab World that have claimed foreign governments are behind their demise, like Assad, Gaddafi, and now the increasingly authoritarian President Erdogan of Turkey, the mullahs in Iran, and so forth.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Yeah, Right

      No, it’s not paranoid ramblings.

      Netanyahu’s outburst tells us two things which, together, are very bad news for him
      1) He has completely given up attempting to entice back the voters who are switching to Zionist Camp.

      That’s a given, because there is no way a voter can be enticed back to you when you are calling them dupes and traitors. They. Don’t. Like. Being. Told. That.

      2) He is bleeding votes to the right of him, possibly even more so than he is bleeding votes to Herzog.

      That’s also a given, because it is THOSE voters (i.e. the voters who are switching from Likud to Jewish Home) that he is attempting to appeal to with this outburst.

      Think about it.
      Think about it.
      Think about it.

      That a right-wing vote defects from Netanyahu to Bennett doesn’t affect the size of the right-wing in the next Knesset, but what it does affect is the size of the Likud (it will be smaller, Jewish Home will be bigger, but the sum total of the two remains the same).

      Netanyahu is certainly sitting on polling data that shows a trend-line that results in Likud ending up with only 17-19 seats, even with Zionist List sitting steady on 22-24 seats.

      That would be a disastrous result for Netanyahu, because while Rivlin might tap Bibi on the shoulder when there is a one to two seat discrepancy, he definitely won’t do it if the spread is five or six in Zionist List’s favour.

      Herzog would get the first go, and once he gets that first dig at forming a coalition then its all over from Bibi – he’ll be toast.

      Reply to Comment