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The kidnapping and the Israeli military operation - in numbers

Since the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers from a hitchhiking stop in the West Bank on June 12, 2014, the Israel Defense Forces has been operating all over the Palestinian territories, in Areas A, B and C. The following list attempts to provide some basic statistics on the toll it has been exacting. While Israeli media is portraying the operation as highly restrained, these numbers show the deep effect it has on the Palestinian population as of June 20, 2014. *Some numbers provided are estimates due to the difficulty in confirming exact numbers.

Number of kidnapped Israeli teenagers: 3

Number of days since operation began: 7

Number of Palestinians arrested: 388

Of them, number associated with Hamas: 240

Of them, the number released in 2011 Gilad Shalit exchange: 55

Number of indictments filed against them thus far: 0

Number of Palestinians killed: 2

Number of Palestinians wounded: Dozens

In critical condition: 1

Number of Israeli soldiers wounded: 1

Number of troops deployed to Hebron: At least 2,000

Number of residents of the city of Hebron under total lockdown:  200,000

Number of Israelis living in Hebron: 800

Number of houses raided throughout West Bank: Thousands

Number of locations/institutions raided: 1,150

Number of rockets fired from Gaza: 16

Number of Israelis wounded: 0

Structures damaged: 1

Number of Israeli air strikes on Gaza: At least 15

Number of Palestinians wounded: At least 7

Sources: IDF Spokesperson, Palestinian Prisoners Club, Haaretz, Walla, Ma’an News Agency, Associated Press, New York Times, International Middle East Media Center

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    1. Danny

      I’d like to add one:

      Number of shreds of evidence provided by Israel that Hamas was involved in the alleged kidnapping: 0

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      • Reza Lustig

        Who needs rules when you’re the Jewish & Democratic State (TM)? EVERYTHING goes, including opportunism and police repression, if it’s in the name of preventing another Shoah!

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        • Ginger Eis

          Dude, why are you soo full of hate and envy against the Jewish People? Just why can’t you let go of this obsession with Jews? What happened to you, Reza Lustig/Bob Wisby/etc.? And why must you always find a way to drag the Shoah into the discuss? Maybe it is time to seek professional help, no?

          Reply to Comment
          • Felix Reichert

            And why are you, Ginger, so full of hate for Arab people, and for Islam in general? I’m just asking to confirm you’re a racist.

            Because, you know, nothing Reza said points towards ANY hate she/he has against the Jewish people. If you’d like to convince me otherwise, I’m sure you can find AND QUOTE some racist statements she/he made. Right?

            I’ll gladly wait.

            Meanwhile, I’ll quote you:
            “This is because Muslim-Arabs abuse and destroy everything that is civilized and beautiful they lay hands on…”

            Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis

            You need to post my COMPLETE statement to elicit a response from me. As I told you before, any statement taken out of its context is false.

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          • Dazed and Infused

            It’s not racist to disagree with Quranic foreign policy.

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      • Daniel de França

        So, the hole Hebron in under lock down, which is basically 200.000 people kidnapped. So the score now is 3 people kidnapped by (???) vs. 200.000 by Israeli government.

        Reply to Comment
          • Jan

            I hope that you checked out the comments on that video. No one approved of what the Swat team was doing. They didn’t and I don’t. Our police are becoming more and more militarized and, interestingly enough, several police forces are sending their members to Israel for training. Wonder why?

            When Israel and aparthied South Africa were best friends the aparthied regime sent officials to Israel to learn how Israel controlled the Palestinians so that they could better control their black populations. Birds of a feather as they say.

            Reply to Comment
          • Bar

            US trade with South Africa exceeded Israel’s by a lot. Does that mean the US was good friends with South Africa?

            Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis

            The question is not whether or not anyone approved of what the SWAT team did/the IDF is doing now, but rather if the SWAT-team/the IDF had/has a less harmful but equally effective means at its disposal to achieve the goals of the specific national security operation it was/is engaged in. If the answer is ‘no’, then you may not claim “collective punishment”. Methods of saving lives are not based on approval ratings but rather on lawfulness, effectiveness and efficiency. Btw. an overwhelming majority of the local populations in Boston and Israel approve of the operations of their respective governments.

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      • Oh Danny Boy, let us look at some real numbers, numbers that Mairav fails to consider:

        In 2013 there were 187 serious terrorist attacks thwarted by Israel. Of these, 84 attempts were the work of Hamas, including 28 attempted kidnappings of Israelis. A significant bust of a large Hamas cell of 20 terrorists revealed that Hamas was attempting to set up a regional command center in Hebron for the purpose of attacks and kidnappings. A second Hamas cell was interdicted before they could carry out plans to kill Israeli agricultural workers near Bani Na’im and ransom their bodies for Hamas prisoners.

        In 2014 there have been 96 serious terrorist attempts already, 45 of which have been planned by Hamas.

        To this we might add that Hamas and other Gazan terrorists have fired 150 rockets into Israel since the beginning of the year. Several tunnels costing tens of millions of dollars have been found between Gaza and Southern Israel.

        Make no doubt about it, the vigilance of the IDF, police and Shin Bet have avoided hundreds of Israeli casualties.

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    2. Bar

      Mairav, do you happen to have the number of Palestinian shop-owner CCTV cameras that were removed and their memories erased after the kidnapping, at the request of both Fatah and Hamas operatives, so that the IDF wouldn’t be able to use them to potentially find the kidnapped Israeli teenagers?

      I ask because it seems to me that if the IDF had those records, it would be able to conduct its search with far less imposition upon Palestinian residents of Hebron, and far fewer residents of Hebron would be complicit actors in this kidnapping of innocent boys.

      Also, if those cameras would have helped to find the boys, then this would have been over long ago.

      Reply to Comment
      • Johnboy

        Oh, the irony…

        This from Akram Natsheh’s article in 972mag: “Sounds of explosions are common in Hebron these days. This is not because the city is under bombardment, but because soldiers have been destroying security cameras belonging to shop owners, which were installed as a means to deter thieves.”

        Your claim has a technical description: projection.

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    3. Jan

      One category was left out.

      Number of Palestinians whose hatred against Israel intensified as a result of these latest IDF actions. at least 1.8 million

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      • Bar

        Back in the early 2000s, Palestinian pollsters were gauging the Palestinian public’s opinion of suicide bombing attacks against Israelis (almost all were used against Israeli civilians). between 70 and 77% (depending on the period) approved of these attacks.

        In other words, you’re writing nonsense.

        Reply to Comment
      • Eliza

        Another category was left out – the number of people who hold Israeli actions, the IDF and Zionism in general in contempt – at least thousands.

        Every act of bastardly against Palestinians simply because they are not of the ‘right’ religion or ethnicity makes their case for justice stronger in the international community. I doubt it will be Israel or righteous Jews who hold Zionism to account. Even support for Israel from the USA will eventually crumble when world opinion finally turns.

        Reply to Comment
        • Ginger Eis

          Dream Eliza, dream! Dream until the return of the Mahdi! That’s what idle minds do.

          Reply to Comment
        • Vadim

          “the number of people who hold Israeli actions, the IDF and Zionism in general in contempt”

          Had you written only about Israeli actions and the IDF, your comment would have been OK.

          But the silly thought that there’s something inherently wrong with Zionism (or Israel) because of said actions is simply racist. No other national movement or state is judged that way.

          Did you consider Palestinian national movement’s right to exist because some leaders collaborated with Nazis? Did you consider it when they blew teenagers in discotheques? Do you think about Syria’s right to exist because of what Assad has done? How about Iraq? Russia?

          How come when it comes to Israel, some allow themselves to think about our right to exist? Or the right of our national movement to exist?

          Reply to Comment
    4. shachalnur


      Amount of days the Israeli government is perpetrating non-stop razzia’s and pogroms on the Palestinian population without offering any proof of a “kidnapping” or Hamas being responsable: 9

      Palestinians murdered during current razzia’s: 5

      Amount of time left untill the Israeli government will offer any proof Hamas was behind this: “Soon” (Bibi)

      Jews outside Israel wondering how Israel represents Jewish values,and if 1897 Zionism is the way forward for Jews world wide: 8 million.

      Number of Jews that decided to turn their backs on 1897 Zionism controlled Judaism since 1945; 17 million(675 Jews a day since 1945).

      How many more Jews have to turn their backs on the Jewish State of Shame untill the 1897 Zionist Bankerslaves understand they are a controlled lunatic asylum and a weapon for their sponsors?

      How small has this suicidal,racist sect have to get untill their Banker slave leaders understand the damage they have done to Judaism is irreparable?

      2/3 of people born Jewish in the world are anti-Zionist or stopped being Jewish,but will be blamed for the actions and crimes of 1897 Zionism ,just like in WW2.

      Again it’s 1897 Zionists whipping up hate against Jews,and it’s by design.

      Reply to Comment
      • Vadim

        How many words you can type between one “1897 Zionism” and another.

        Reply to Comment
        • shachalnur

          That’s for educational purposes,Vadim.

          I bet it makes even you think about what’s really going on.

          Zionism as in “Jews returning to Israel” is not a huge problem.

          1897 Zionism is a lot more than just Jews returning to Israel,it’s a program to exterminate the Jewish People,as it was recognized immidiately by European Jewry over a century ago.

          That Israeli’s forgot that,and US 1897 Zionists want you to forget is another matter.(“here’s more money and shut up”)

          Jews as a percentage of the world population has shrunk 65% since 1897 Zionism.
          Jews were spread all over Europe(including Russia),US and Arab countries and were quite succesful.

          Now the few Jews that are left are concentrated in the US and Israel,both countries completely controlled by London Bankers(that used to control Russia as well,untill Putin kicked them out).

          Jews are being set up for a big wipe-out by their sponsors,that’s what happens if you confuse real Torah Judaism with sponsored luxury-slavery and being usefull idiots.

          Only Judaism turning on their Banker sponsors can turn this around,but you Khazarian converts will never know what hit you,too busy being Superior and Chosen(sacrificial lambs).

          If you guys in Israel and the US don’t see you’re being set up,than there’s nothing the rest of Judaism(2/3 of total Jewish born population) can do for you,and we wish you all the best in your Chosenite Holocaustionist Fantasyworld,as long as it lasts.

          Reply to Comment
          • Vadim

            “I bet it makes even you think about what’s really going on.”

            I don’t need you to think about what’s really going on.

            I read your words, but they have no meaning. There’s just a bunch of terms that don’t connect and a bunch of unsupported (and not well defined) “facts”. This reads like new age rubbish, there’s nothing of substance to refute – because it’s only words.

            Here’s a generator for new age nonsense

            Here’s something that generates stuff similar to your posts –

            Reply to Comment
          • The Trespasser

            Asserted witout proof can be dismieed without arguments, thus: bullshit.

            Reply to Comment
          • shachalnur

            You want proof of the pudding?

            Eat it,and enjoy.

            Lot’s of typo’s for a Treepisser.


            Reply to Comment
          • The Trespasser

            That’s the best you can do – relate to typos. Worthless.

            Reply to Comment
          • Monique. Sydney, Australia

            Ugh. The comments section here at 972mag has spewed forth such a foul assortment of creatures. Such a foul assortment. Such a foul assortment.

            The bigotry and racism are so incredibly aweful. The way in which human life is devalued by the finger tips of certain serial antagonist commentators makes me feel embarrassed to also have finger tips.

            And the uh…’I know you are I said you are but what am I’ is so incredibly embarrassing that now I have to make damn certain I never scroll down below the end of the article ever again.

            Reply to Comment
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