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The first draft of the Flytilla letter

By Yaniv Eidelstein

They eventually did some stylistic editing, but this is how it looked like in first draft:

Yaniv Eidelstein is a Tel Aviv-based translator. 

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    1. Grace Ghunaim

      Hilarious in a painful way

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    2. How witty ! For a 5 year old.

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    3. Michael Davison

      Childish parody of the real letter. It’s hard to believe an adult wrote this.

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      So depraved only a leftist could come with it. Comparing Israel to a rapist? Nice going. Yeah, every thingle “palethtinian” has been raped, and if you’re denying it, you’re THIONITHT. /gay accent off

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    5. Anonymous Moose

      Quite a good parody of the original letter, although the original is ridiculous enough to be a parody on itself: Palinesque, if you will.

      I do agree that it’s inappropriate to compare Israel to a rapist: a rapist usually doesn’t kill.

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    6. Piotr Berman

      I always suspected that Foreign Ministry has some staffers who translate Russian expletives (hard to render in English in all their glory, so this “first draft” is already second) into snide Hebrew and English.

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    7. tla

      It really makes me wonder what are the activists are standing for. Yniv Eidelstein looks for publicity, its a business thing, clear enough.

      But the useful idiots who try to demonize Israel who is basically trying to defend itself, and support people who kill babies in their sleep and shoot rockets at neighborhoods for decades – them I cannot understand.

      Why is it not clear why Israel doesn’t want you there? Why is it not clear that it Israel’s right not to want you there? They don’t have to give you explanation. They don’t need to reimburse you for your tickets. Its your problem. Not theirs. You’re not welcome there, deal with it. Just as your country may refuse entry anyone it doesn’t want – so does Israel.

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    8. someone


      Can you prove the authenticity of this letter?

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    9. aristeides

      TLA – the activists don’t want to go to Israel. Palestine is not Israel.

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    10. tla

      @aristeides I’m confused. So why are they flying to Israel? Everyone I know going to Palestinian cities – goes through the King Hussein crossing, exactly for the reason you stated.

      Unfortunately for many of these so-called activists, Tel Aviv airport is in Israel, and as much as they’re shouting about Palestine being their final destination – Israel has all the right to prevent them from landing in ISRAEL.

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    11. What’s with the double spacing?
      Possibly a forgery.

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    12. Of course I can prove its authenticity! I typed it myself!

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    13. Bob

      I’ll bet you that letter ends up on other anti-Israel sites with a fake attribution and posted and read by anti-Israel types who think it’s real.

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    14. Alisa

      The letter is hilarious. Love how they use sarcasm. Although the ‘original’ one was a joke in itself.

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