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The earth belongs to the famished

By Professor Minna Rozen

Over the last 600 years, the Caucasian race has succeeded in prolonging its life expectancy and improving its quality of life. As opposed to prevailing myths in western society, it did not manage to do so just by using technological and scientific advances, but rather through the exploitation of Asia, Africa and South America’s wealth and resources.

The white man took over large areas in these continents, robbing its natural resources and trafficking its inhabitants. And while this population of white people enjoys a surplus of food and other products for consumption, a larger living space, and a longer life expectancy –  much of the rest of the world population is starving, living without a roof over their heads. The life expectancy of the third-world population is only two-thirds of that of a European or North American citizen; the life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa is two-fifths of that of the lucky ones in developed countries. The situation of the third world is the direct result of the grand enterprises of the “cultural world.” This is cannibalism in its most brutal form.

The “cultural world” cannibalism is manifested in the direct and indirect robbery of the earth. The direct robbery of natural resources leads to indirect robbery, which is the destruction of the earth’s ecological balance. A quick look at earth’s dehydration map shows how the rich world’s gorging of the planet’s resources starves its other half.  Moreover, the wild gorging of the satiated world has produced a generation of diabetics with failed kidneys, and the number of people in need of transplants increases overwhelmingly annually. Statistics show that a kidney of a person from the third world is harvested every hour for the purpose of a transplant to sick first-world inhabitants.

The planet has its own mysterious ways of fixing mankind’s distortions. The first world man refuses to serve himself; he is convinced that the famished population of the earth must do so. He has also ceased to procreate, since nurturing his own children gets in the way of his convenience. The void created on this side of the world, and the hardship on its other side, attracts the population of the starved world to places with water, food and work. The result is a high concentration of hungry migrants from the third world, as we are now witnessing in Tel Aviv and in other places in Israel. But what we see here is only a drop in the ocean. Anyone with a bit of familiarity in this field knows about massive migration flows from Southeast Asia and Africa to the European Union, as well as the massive flows of migration from South America to North America.

Anyone who thinks that legislation, fences, detention camps, armies, guns, helicopters or cannons will change things is delusional. The world of tomorrow is the world of the famished. The satisfied and the full will have to pay the price of the egoistical fruits of 600 years of prosperity. The modes of payments will be varied, from having to accept a drop in quality of life, to lethal struggles with the hungry world. If riots, fences and guns are not found to be useful, they might switch to biological and atomic weapons. Such measures will dilute human kind and restore it to a proportion that will let the planet heal from the wounds that humans have caused.

The physical appearance of man after these events will no longer be white – nor will it be black or yellow. It will – I dare to guess- be a mix of the above.

This great, historic migration of people can no longer be stopped. The moment it could have been curbed was lost when the western world decided to persist in its robbery expeditions. The policy of the Israeli government, which waves around Jewish identity as an excuse for its villainy and hard-heartedness in relation to migrants in its territory, is a result of the misunderstanding of a process taking place on our planet. And it is based on the exact same egoism that led us to this situation in the first place.

Minna Rozen is a professor at the Department of Israel Studies at the University of Haifa. Her fields of expertise are the Jewish diaspora in the Mediterranean region and comparative diaspora studies. This piece was originally published in Hebrew in Haaretz, and was translated with the author’s permission by Nelly Kfir.

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    1. “Such measures will dilute human kind and restore it to a proportion that will let the planet heal from the wounds that humans have caused.”
      That could probably happen, but would that not result in a bigger catastrophy than what we are doing now? Is there really a way out? Unfortunately the poor are not morally superior to the rich. The same shit will reappear under a new disguise. If we want to change something for the better, we should use the power and knowledge we have to do so.
      8 days without war could solve worldwide hunger, isn’t that a better option to fight for than to wait for total chaos?

      Reply to Comment
    2. Laurent Szyster

      What a load of bullshit !

      The main factor of life expectancy growth is on one hand the existence of public sanitation infrastructures and public health services, and on the other hand the absence of war or pandemia (such as plague and AIDS).


      Life expectancy in Western Europe started to rise significantly in two phases, in the late 18th century when public sanitation slashed by three child death and in the early 20th century with public health services bettering longevity of adults.

      I suggest you find something else than moronic post-colonial guilt to provide moral justification to a policy of open borders.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Aaron

      I think it’s great that you guys post some humor columns every once in a while. You can’t spend all your time on serious thought. Thanks for the laugh!
      This kind of writing was really popular in America back in the 1970s. I’m glad to see it finally made it to Israel. Better late than never!

      Reply to Comment
    4. Kolumn9

      This is hilarious. Aaron is right. This is the kind of amalgamation of post-colonialist and mother earth hippyism that prevailed in the US in the 1960s and 1970s. I hope this fatuity doesn’t reflect the ideological basis of much of Israeli academia but I fear that I will be disappointed.

      Reply to Comment
    5. JG

      No surprise that white supremacy neo-colonialists like Aaron and Szyster don’t like this post. Thy even can’t understand it.
      Such minds are the heart of the problem that Minna described.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Gunnar Thorell

      Of course Minna has a point, telling about the effects of colonial history. One cannot deny the significance of 500 years of waging wars and exploiting Africa, Asia and Latin-America. And moreover, “we” are still doing it.
      I think this type of writing has to do with conscience, and perceiving who “we” are 2012. We cannot change anything to the better, if we don’t want to understand our own history.
      Then of course certain points allways can (and should) be argued.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Laurent Szyster


      Indeed, I cannot understand what Minna Rozen writes about life expectancy, because it does not makes sense.

      Turkey, which had an empire of its own and was never colonized by nobody, has now a life expectancy slightly lower than Brazil.

      Japan, the country with the highest life expectancy on earth, is neither “western” nor “white”. And the countries colonized by Japan in the late 19th century and early 20th – Korea and Taiwan – have the same life expectancy as Belgium or France.

      Greece and Belgium have almost the same life expectancy, as if Belgian Congo’s wealth and Greece lack of colonies had nothing to do with it.

      So, hard facts invalidate the wild theory of Minna Rozen that links life expectancy and a colonial past.

      As your carecterization dissenters as “white supremacy colonialist”, please do consider that it is Minna Rozen, not I or Aaron, who makes a confusion between the color of the western people’s skin and the public wealth of their nations.

      This is typical of leftist who are incapable to overcome their racist prejudices and so reverse them as self loathing.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Jeff

      What a load of Racist B.S…. Everyone with a brain can see right through this type of thinking… Who do you think was using the resources and trafficking in their own populations long before Europeans (White Men) came to Africa??? And brother, let me tell ya… More people have been “Trafficked” by Muslims in the past 600 years than any other group on the planet LOL…
      And explain to me how “White men” Trafficked and used up the resources of South America again???? What a load of crud…

      Reply to Comment
    9. Heidi

      Now I’ve read Professor Israel Shahak’s book, “Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of 3,000 years”, and in it he claims that Jews do not see Gentile whites as “white” or Human. I understand and respect the fact that many of you do not feel that way or believe in such an ideology.
      But this kind of propagandist writing, of the above writer, is the end all of be all. I think my fellow Gentiles have blinders on, she basically is joyfully calling for the annihilation of the “white race” – and we know she means the White Gentiles. Anyone who truly researches history knows that White Gentile Europeans and White Jewish history is not the same, even though our histories might intertwine. And anyone who studies out of the mainstream of historical writers know who was the majority of any people involved in the African and United Kingdom slave trade, and it wasn’t the “Muslims” or the white “Christians”.
      So why is it that the majority of White Gentile Americans, that didn’t own slaves, nor could have even dreamed of affording at most a hired hand, to blame for what was the majority a Jewish enterprise? And as for World colonalization, well, we all know who the majority of the Big Bankers are and the Big Corporation leaders are, and the coal industry, and the diamond industry, and the gold industry, and the drug industry – or at least how they launder their money.

      Or is she actually calling for the annihilation of her own “ethnicity”? I’m confused?

      Reply to Comment
    10. JG

      Heidi, you’re writing silly antisemitc bullshit. Take your pills!

      Reply to Comment
    11. HARry

      “Statistics show that a kidney of a person from the third world is harvested every hour for the purpose of a transplant to sick first-world inhabitants.”

      I don’t believe this exaggeration..

      Reply to Comment