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The Donald Trump I know would say one thing to Netanyahu: 'You're fired!'

Shocking. Disgusting. Why is he even meddling in our internal affairs? You didn’t see Nochi Dankner endorsing Romney, did you? (Wait, he didn’t, right? Right?).

But above all: disappointment. A talented businessman like Donald Trump? Can’t he put two and two together? Especially after Benjamin Netanyahu’s poor showing this week? Didn’t he see the horrific numbers?

The budget deficit doubled(!) this year, to a whopping 39 billion shekels. That’s 4.2 percent of the GDP – way over the target 2 percent the government set itself.

The Trump I know would not stand for a failure like this. Not for a minute.

The Trump I know would know exactly what to do with someone who lost that kind of money in a such a horrible show of poor fiscal management:

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    1. Bruce Hojati

      The Trump you DONT KNOW! Needs to kiss up to his American Jewish friends.

      Reply to Comment
    2. Danny

      Wow!!! LMAO! “So vote for Benjamin – he’s a terrific guy!” ROTF!
      You know you’re a complete failure when Donald Trump says you’re a winner. Just ask Mitt Romney.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Shelly

      Since Trump’s diatribe against Barack Obama worked FOR Obama in the end, we can only hope that his endorsement will work AGAINST Benjamin Netanyahu. (I can dream, can’t I?)

      Reply to Comment
    4. JJB

      Mr Trump, stop talking about things you know NOTHING about!!!! Go back to making money.

      Reply to Comment