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The American Jews prying open the conversation on the occupation

The Jewish American establishment has been trying to dictate the confines of the conversation on Israel and Palestine on college campuses in the United States. One group of young Jews is trying to ensure their voices are being heard, despite the red lines being drawn around them, by leveraging communal pursestrings.

By Tom Pessah

Young American Jews take part in the Jewish People's Assembly outside the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America, Washington, D.C., November 8, 2015. (photo: Gili Getz)

Young American Jews take part in the Jewish People’s Assembly outside the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America, Washington, D.C., November 8, 2015. (photo: Gili Getz)

On November 8, dozens of young American Jews traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in a groundbreaking protest outside the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America, where they protested the lack of support for young Jews who want to broaden the conversation around Israel and Palestine.

I spoke to Rachel Sandalow-Ash, 22, one of the founders of Open Hillel — a student-run campaign that encourages inclusivity and open discourse on Israel/Palestine at campus Hillels, the largest Jewish campus organization in the world — and one of the organizers of the protest, about democracy in the American Jewish community, the role of donors, and the hopes of young Jews like her.

How did Open Hillel start?

In the fall of 2012 Harvard Hillel forbade the Harvard College Progressive Jewish Alliance from co-sponsoring an event with the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee inside the campus Hillel. We had tried to host an event with them called “Jewish Voices against the Occupation,” which was going to feature two speakers, one Jewish-American and one Jewish-Israeli, both of whom had been involved in nonviolent protests against home demolitions in the West Bank. We wanted to hold this event at Hillel, because we thought it was important for Jewish students to hear about the occupation of the West Bank: and because the speakers were specifically going to address the connections between their activism and their Jewish identities.

Just before the event, our Hillel director got calls from the Combined Jewish Philanthropies, the Jewish Federation of Greater Boston, and from Hillel International, telling him that this event could not proceed at Harvard Hillel because the Palestine Solidarity Committee, our co-sponsor, supported boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel. Our director told us that Harvard Hillel could lose up to a million dollars if this event was to proceed. He pointed to Hillel International’s Standards of Partnership for Israel activities, which state that Hillel “will not partner with, house, or host” organizations, groups, or speakers that are deemed to “delegitimize, demonize, or apply a double standard” to Israel or support boycotts, divestments, or sanctions of Israel.

How did you respond?

I grew up in the Jewish community. I went to Jewish day school, Jewish summer camp, a conservative synagogue. I spent my whole life only hearing one narrative and one set of perspectives. When I came to college and joined the Progressive Jewish Alliance, I learned for the first time about Palestinian narratives, about the occupation, about all these sorts of issues. Hillel’s decision to bar this event was a very deliberate attempt to prevent voices deemed too critical of Israel from having a place at Hillel, and to prevent Jewish students from engaging with these criticisms of Israeli policy.

Rachel Sandalow-Ash.

Rachel Sandalow-Ash.

We looked more closely at Hillel’s Standards of Partnership and realized the rules exclude large numbers of people. Not only do the Standards prevent Jewish-Palestinian partnerships, but anyone and everyone (including Jewish students and Jewish student groups) deemed too critical of Israel and Israeli policy could be said to “delegitimize” or “apply a double standard” to Israel, and thus could be barred from Hillel and the Jewish campus community.

We got in touch with students from other schools and asked whether they were having these problems at their Hillels. The answer was yes. No one was allowed to work with Palestinian groups or bring in speakers who were deemed too critical of Israel. This censorship was present at nearly every school, because the orders came down from Hillel International, and were enforced by nearly all the local federations.

It’s important to remember that Hillel is the umbrella organization for Jewish life on 550 campuses, and bills itself as a pluralistic Jewish space. It actively welcomes students from different religious streams and denominations and encourages all different ways of connecting with Judaism and Jewish identity. But when it came to Israel-Palestine politics, Hillel’s policies created a Jewish community that was closed off to dissent, that was not pluralistic at all.

This led to the creation of Open Hillel?

Yes. When Hillel barred our event, the Harvard College Progressive Jewish Alliance started the Open Hillel campaign, which soon became national in scope. Our goal continues to be to eliminate Hillel International’s Standards of Partnership for Israel activities. Over the course of this campaign, we’ve built a lot of student excitement and interest. At several schools where the Hillels were relatively independent financially, the students declared the Hillels “open,” saying they would not abide by the organization’s policies and instead would welcome all views. We held a conference, ran a speaking tour, and circulated a number of petitions. We have received outpourings of support not just from Jewish students, but also from community members, professors, rabbis, and other Jewish leaders.

Participants in the Open Hillel Conference, Harvard University. (photo: Gili Getz)

Participants in the Open Hillel Conference, Harvard University. (photo: Gili Getz)

Yet at nearly every meeting we’ve had with local or national Hillel staff, we’ve been told some version of: “Sorry, we can’t change our policies. If we have these kinds of critical conversations, we will lose money. Hillel will not be funded.”

Where do these institutions get their funding from?

Much of it comes from private donors, and there’s not really anything we can do about that other than get new donors. But a lot of this funding comes from the Jewish Federations of North America. The Jewish Federations were, and continue to be, a communal philanthropy. They fund everything in the Jewish world – Jewish day schools, Hillels, summer camps, synagogues, a whole bunch of social service programs. They bill themselves as the central address of North American Jewry, and are supposed to have some kind of accountability to the communities they serve.

We have found that the Federations use their position of power and influence to crack down on open debate in Hillel and in other local Jewish communities by threatening to withhold funds should they work with a Palestinian group. From what we understand, the Jewish Federations of North America started discussing these restrictions on funding back in 2010 — the same year Hillel International adopted its Standards of Partnership. The Federations founded the Israel Action Network, their national project which devotes itself to combating “de-legitimization of Israel” and spends time and money enforcing  Hillel’s Standards of Partnership and similar red lines at other Jewish institutions.

What was the purpose of the ‘Jewish People’s Assembly’ last month?

The Jewish People’s Assembly sought to bring together a coalition of Jewish students and community members to call upon the Federations to stop conditioning their support for Jewish life on Jewish institutions’ adherence to red lines around Israel/Palestine.

We called our gathering the Jewish People’s Assembly to highlight the ways in which the Jewish Federations prioritize their wealthy donors over Jewish community members. Our protest took place outside the annual General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America in Washington, D.C., which featured sessions on topics such as, “how to connect with high-value donors,”  “how to get corporate sponsorship for your Jewish community,” “how to promote a ‘healthy’ discourse on Israel” and “how to fight BDS.” What we’re seeing inside the General Assembly is a set of priorities that are largely focused on appealing to mega-donors and promoting a narrow vision of what the Jewish communal conversation on Israel should look like.

We are calling upon the Jewish Federations to be accountable to all Jewish community members, not just a wealthy few who want to force their own political views on the entire community.

To what extent is this a Jewish problem?

I don’t think this is a problem unique to the American Jewish community. I think it is a problem that’s endemic to American society at large. I think that what we are seeing throughout the U.S. is a situation in which small groups of wealthy people hold disproportionate power. This is true in the country as a whole, and it’s true in our community. What we’ve seen in our community is that people abuse that power to curtail free speech and voices with whom they disagree. We are trying to fight back against this trend and create Jewish communities that are more open and more democratic.

How are young Jews getting involved in this issue?

Young Jews or millennials are far more critical of Israeli policy than their parents and grandparents; we’re far more likely to be sympathetic to various calls to end the occupation and promote human rights for Palestinians. Frankly, young Jews are alienated by Jewish institutional policies that say that one cannot have difficult conversations, that one cannot criticize Israel or work with anyone who supports BDS — a group that includes most Palestinians.

Young American Jews take part in the Jewish People's Assembly outside the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America, Washington, D.C., November 8, 2015. (photo: Gili Getz)

Young American Jews take part in the Jewish People’s Assembly outside the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America, Washington, D.C., November 8, 2015. (photo: Gili Getz)

Peter Beinart writes really compellingly about this topic. He explains that when young Jews see a conflict between their values and what they see in Jewish communities, they’ll choose their values. There are a lot of young Jews who still fall within the broadly-defined spectrum of acceptable opinion, but are also committed to the liberal values of pluralism, open debate, and engaging with the views of those with whom they disagree. When they see that the Jewish community doesn’t provide a space for that, they are going to feel deeply alienated. That’s what we have been seeing for three years with Open Hillel.

How did you approach the Federations?

At the Assembly, we read out a letter to the Federations’ leadership, calling on them to state clearly and publicly that neither the national organization nor the local Federations will condition their support for Jewish communities on adherence to red lines on Israel/Palestine. Caroline Morganti, the Internal Coordinator at Open Hillel went inside to deliver the demands. She tried to drop them off at the reception desk to pass along the leadership. They said “you can’t drop that off here,” then security guards came and told her she could not pass around demands inside. They had also sent an email to all their attendees a few weeks before the General Assembly, saying: “We’ve heard there are going to be protesters. Don’t talk to them, don’t engage with them, don’t listen to them. Take off your badge when you leave, do not talk to these people.”

How did the regular attendees treat you?

Despite the official rhetoric, when we talked to people who were coming in and out of the GA, they were very receptive to our message. When people asked what we were protesting, we answered that we are pushing for open dialogue and pluralism. Many told us they support that.

I think we’re seeing a real disconnect between ordinary people who are engaged in Jewish institutions, and these institutions’ leadership and the donors. Because, by and large, folks in the Jewish community hold liberal values; they believe that we should engage with those with whom we disagree, that we should have a wide-ranging conversation, and that we should welcome people, regardless of their politics. But there is a slice of the Federations’ leadership that sees things very differently.

Why do you feel so passionate about this issue?

I was raised in the Jewish community, I care deeply about its future, and what we’re seeing now are policies that are pushing young people away, and are alienating and excluding people. If we want to see a vibrant and continuing American Jewish community, we need to welcome everyone. This is both a moral and a practical imperative; no one should be left out because of their politics.

When it comes to Israel/Palestine, we cannot even begin to work towards justice if we are kept ignorant. What I see is a Jewish community that is being kept deliberately ignorant. If you’re embedded in Jewish institutions, you’re likely never going to hear Palestinian perspectives. You’re never going to hear about the occupation. You’re never going to hear much other than “Israel always wants peace and everything it ever does is just and right.”

The American Jewish community is hugely important in these debates: we send tons of money and support directly to Israel, and American Jewish institutions are influential in lobbying the U.S. government to support Israel.  I think we need to think about our particular position in the world and ask “do we really support Israel’s current policies? What can we do to promote justice?” But we can’t begin to answer that question until people are allowed to ask questions, to discuss, to hear other views.

It’s also important for our community to engage with other groups who may bring different perspectives to issues we care about. The fact that we cannot work with the vast majority of Palestinian groups if awful on so many levels. In discussing any issue, it is key to talk to the people who are most affected. I don’t think we could have a deep and thorough conversation about racist police violence in the U.S. that didn’t include black people and black-led organizations. I don’t think we could have such a conversation about labor rights that didn’t include workers. And I don’t think we can have a nuanced, thoughtful conversation about Israel/Palestine while deliberately excluding Palestinians. For American Jews not to talk to the people who are impacted and hurt is a disservice not only to the quality of our own conversations, but also to the possibility of building intercultural partnerships and working toward justice.

Tom Pessah is a sociologist and activist, currently studying at Tel Aviv University.

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    1. andrew

      Sandalow Ash seems extraordinarily self righteous and does not seem to have a grasp on the desire of the groups she wishes to work to eliminate or annihilate Israel. There is no country called Israel/Palestine and her inability to accept Israel’s existence seems very one sided and racist. The groups Hillel refuses to participate with have ample representation on college campuses and the more than 60 Islamic countries and 20 Arab countries that finance them.

      Reply to Comment
      • Bruce Gould

        The existence of Israel as a Jewish state does not depend on a brutal ongoing military occupation of the Palestinians; that’s the entire argument in a nutshell. The home demolitions, the ‘administrative detentions’, the destruction of Palestinian infrastructure have to do with a kind of messianic hyper nationalism, not security.

        The occupation is unnecessary, as the Israeli political party Blue White Future believes:


        Reply to Comment
        • Sam Litvin

          Any more brutal than Palestinian endorsement of indiscriminate bombings and stabbings of old women and children and their refusal to accept a two state solution?

          Reply to Comment
          • betz55

            Palestine does not belong to the Jews and their right to the land is neither antecedent nor superior to that of the Arabs. Jews may have lived in Palestine 2000 years ago but the Arabs have established over one-and-half thousand years of continuous Arab-Muslim presence, and were only dispossess¬ed of it by superior force and colonial machinatio¬n which continues to this day.

            The Palestinians (as represented by the PLO) formally recognized both the reality of the state of Israel and “its right to live in peace and security” as per the September 9, 1993 letter from Chairman Arafat to Prime Minister Rabin and the subsequent double amendment of the PLO’s Charter in 1996 and 1999.

            What they cannot be expected to do is to renege on their past, deny their identity, and give up on what they believe is their history. They cannot be expected to become Zionists.

            Israel, and you, will need to accept a Palestinian state and start respecting the right of the people who occupied the land before you or you will not have peace. The burden is on you.U.N. Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 (which Israel had helped draft) which provided for “withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from territories occupied in the recent [1967] conflict” in exchange for peace and security. Those resolutions represented official U.S. and international policy then, and they still do

            But, a couple good things will come out of this. The Palestinians will eventually have to thank the israelis for building them all those nice houses free of charge and of course the jews can stay and live in Palestine if they want to but they will be subject to Palestinians laws – up to and including home dispossession.

            Better yet, ship all those illegal settler terrorist squats, after shaving their heads, to the Negev who complain, burn land, tear down olive trees, burn mosques, run over, kill, and beat Palestinians and let them be ‘pioneers’ there. They deserve to wander in their own desert for the next 40 years.

            You, and your other hapless pro israelis, act like none of us here can read, disseminate information, google, or see the reality that the israelis are no partner for peace.

            Someone who invades, kills, bombs, oppressess, occupies, and then tries like hell to spin it inspite of all the facts out here, is not interested in peace and that’s israel.

            And one more thing, for how long did you think that israel would be allowed to arrest and piss on Palestinian children, steal and destroy Palestinian land, enforce a barbaric siege against Gaza, murder peaceful protesters, look the other way while settlers murder Palestinians with impunity and just get away with it?

            The Palestinians are not the problem, israel, their failed policies, oppression of legitimite heirs to Palestine, apartheid and ethnic cleansing, their moldavian thug of an FM, the ragtag IDF, and the systematic effort to wipe out a culture and people who were there before them is the problem.

            Israel is the problem. And until you get it Sam, et.al. israel will go on destroying itself, if not demographically, then morally. Is that clear enough for an obtuse people like you to understand? Good.

            Reply to Comment
        • Merkava

          Bruce BEN Gould alias etc. what you just copied and pasted, you have been copying and pasting on this site over and over again and has been shown that you are WRONG – over and over again. Why do you like repeating yourself over and over again and have the same discussions over and over again?

          Does BEN still not understand that Israel has already offered the Palestinians (a) A State of their own comprising of (b) 100% of Gaza, (c) 100% equivalent of the West Bank and (d) East Jerusalem neighborhoods as their Capital and that the Palestinians themselves rejected it?


          Are you still confused about the facts, BEN…..eh….sorry….”BRUCE GOULD”!?

          Reply to Comment
          • David


            Olmert, the since convicted thief, never received cabinet approval for his offer. It was pure window dressing and as everyone knew, his days as PM were numbered due to charges of corruption and his approval rating was a mere six per cent. Also, your reference to “100%” of the occupied West Bank is disingenuous in the extreme because as well as insisting Israel retain control of occupied East Jerusalem/the Old City, Olmert’s offer did not include Israel’s vast and illegal extension of occupied East Jerusalem’s boundaries.

            Indeed, East Jerusalem is belligerently/illegally and brutally occupied by Israel and its 1980 annexation of East Jerusalem was unanimously rejected by the UNSC in Resolutions 476 and 478.

            Reply to Comment
      • Ben

        “her inability to accept Israel’s existence”

        Hello? You just made that up.

        Reply to Comment
        • Merkava

          There is no country called “Israel/Palestine” and those who consciously use that term deny the existence of the State of Israel.

          You aren’t very clever, are you, Bruce Ben Gould?

          Reply to Comment
          • David



            To be brief:

            For your edification, the region between the Jordan River and the Med. Sea was first referred to as “Palestine” by the Greek historian Herodotus (“the father of history”) during the 5th century BCE.

            100 years later, in the mid-4th Century BCE, while discussing the Dead Sea in his Meteorology, Aristotle wrote “Again if, as is fabled, there is a lake in Palestine….”

            Jewish historian Josephus’s (c.37-100 CE) The Jewish War, Antiquities of the Jews contains copious references to both “Palestine” and “Palestinians.”

            Early in their rule, the Romans referred to the region around Jerusalem as Palaestina and in turn, the Byzantines named the region or province west of the Jordan River, from Mount Carmel in the north to the Gaza Strip in the south, Palaestina Prima.

            When the Muslim Arabs arrived in Palestine (and liberated its Jewish population from Byzantine Christian oppression), they retained the administrative organization of the territory of Palestine as it had been under the Romans and the Byzantines. The Arabs referred to Palestine as “Filastin.” (No “p” in Arabic)

            European tourist books of the nineteenth century refer to “Palestine” as did Theodor Herzl in his correspondence. The 1917 Balfour Declaration also refers to “Palestine” and so does the League of Nations Class A British Mandate.

            BTW, as of 1893, Jews owned a mere 0.4% of Palestine & made up only 2% of the population. Muslims and Christian Palestinians owned 99.6% of the land and comprised 98% of the population. By Nov. 29, 1947, when the recommendatory only UNGA Partition Plan (Res, 181) was passed, Jews owned only about 6% of the land of historic Palestine.

            You state: “There is no country called ‘Israel/Palestine’ and those who consciously use that term deny the existence of the State of Israel.”

            In fact there is no “State of Israel,” i.e. the entity referred to as “Israel” has yet to officially declare its borders and have them recognized as such by the international community.

            I also remind you that in accordance with international law, e.g., the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Rome Statutes and as asserted in several UNSC resolutions, Israel is belligerently and illegally occupying the West Bank, including East Jerusalem/the Old City, and the Palestinian Gaza Strip, in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, i.e. “collective punishment,” as well as Syria’s Golan Heights and Lebanon’s Shebaa Farms.

            As agreed to by the international community, including UNSC Res. 242 (“the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war…,” today’s Palestine is comprised of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip,i.e., they do not form part of the entity known as “Israel.”

            Reply to Comment
    2. Merkava

      Rachel Sandalow-Ash,

      The tent is a Jewish tent;

      The tent is a big tent;

      You are most welcomed to that tent;

      You are required to play by the rules of that tent as determined by the majority. Trying to force your own rules on the majority is immature and silly.

      You are more than FREE to get YOUR OWN tent and play in YOUR OWN tent according to your rules.

      Reply to Comment
      • bryan

        Rachel Sandalow-Ash,

        The tank is a Jewish tank;

        The tank is a big tank;

        You are most welcome to have your lives and your Palestinain friends’ lives destroyed by those tanks, drones and other bits of generously donated expensive American military hardware, like the people of Gaza, and heaven forbid that you should criticise the war-crimes of a brutal military regime;

        You are required to play by the rules of that tank and its military culture as determined by a relatively small group of relatively recent colonists. Trying to assert the Palestinian right of national self-determination and to support their desire for freedom, independence and justice is immature and silly: so says one of the recent occupiers of the Palestinians’ ancestral homeland.

        You are more than FREE to develop your own tanks which you can call Rachels – would it not be a really macho and adolescent thing to have a tank named after you?

        Reply to Comment
    3. Hostage

      The Jewish Federations and the Boston area Hillels have all applied for and received grants from the Department of Homeland Security, including one to hold seminars on building bridges with Palestinians, and of course to improve security at their public facilities. They are not allowed to accept federal grants and then turn around and discriminate against Jews on the basis of their anti-Zionist creeds or religious beliefs.

      Reply to Comment
      • Merkava

        You really are also a hostage to ignorance, are you not? Do you even know what Hillel stands for? Political anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism along with non-Jewish religious beliefs are not only in conflict with the vision and goals of Hillel, but have no place in Hillel at all!

        Get a life, “Hostage”. ROFLMAO…..

        Reply to Comment
    4. Ben

      ‘What I see is a Jewish community that is being kept deliberately ignorant. If you’re embedded in Jewish institutions, you’re likely never going to hear Palestinian perspectives. You’re never going to hear about the occupation. You’re never going to hear much other than “Israel always wants peace and everything it ever does is just and right.”’

      In addition to correctly analyzing the anti-democratic influence of mega-donors and big money in American politics and how what is going in here is an example of that larger problem, Sandalow-Ash is accurately describing what is here almost a totalitarian cult that tightly controls information. It’s why these people get so enraged by Breaking the Silence, by +972. It’s why the typical right wing commenter here is so angry and so unhinged. Just look up at this page. These people rail against BDS but what these Hillel establishmentarians are doing is a kind of boycott, divestment and sanctioning against their own young people and against the free flow of information.

      Reply to Comment
      • Merkava

        There are MORE non-Jewish, anti-Jewish and anti-Israel voices on US campuses that use “Palestine” to demonize Jews and Israel, than there are Jewish voices that are pro-Israel.

        You jealous and hateful. You have no case, moron.

        Reply to Comment
        • Ben

          How can you possibly think your total obnoxiousness and assholistic behavior, day after day, wins you any sympathy or converts to your cause? If I were trying to convince young American Jews of a right wing point of view I would try not to behave like a complete dickhead. I can’t tell if you’re 15 or 85. You clearly have no idea what a nasty proto-fascist you sound like to young American Jews. Utterly clueless you are. The champion own goal scorer of the +972 hasbara team.

          Reply to Comment
          • Merkava

            Your claim was idiotic and I exposed it. deal with it, moron.

            BTW, I am a “young American Jew” as well and I know what goes on within my Community, the role the Jewish State plays in Jewish life and the importance of the Jewish State in the lives of young and old American Jews.

            YOU on the other hand claims that claim (a) that you are from the “US” and “Great Britain” (you even lie about where you come from), (b) have no job, (c) not looking for a job and (d) dependent on foodstamps to survive. NONETHELESS, you have PAID subscription for Jewish publications ONLY and NONE from YOUR OWN country or elsewhere. YOU dwell on different Jewish websites EVERY SINGLE day fixating on- and obsessing with the Jews and Israel, ranting and raging with multiple aliases (Eliza, Bryan, Eva, AverageAmerican, Lauren, “Israel”, “David”, etc.), calling for boycott of the Jewish State and claiming that Jews are responsible for all the wars in the Middle East and pushing the United States to occupy Muslim lands! etc.

            Is the above what you disprove of me pointing out? You’re afraid of being told the truth, while claiming to be seeking the truth? You are pathetic Bruce BEN Gould. You are the kind of personality 99% young American Jews will cut out like the cancer you are.

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            You know son, I’m relatively nice and gentle about this, but you’re a complete dickhead. Someone up above said :

            “You, and your other hapless pro israelis, act like none of us here can read, disseminate information, google, or see the reality that the israelis are no partner for peace.”

            So you can take it from me or you can take it from him. Either way you badly need a cranium from posterior extraction procedure and a lesson in manners. And whatever part of your brain it is that manufactures one lie after another needs serious treatment.

            Guys like you have absolutely no insight into the cycle of hatred you stoke and then complain about. When guys like you will demonize even an Ayman Odeh we know you’re not an honest partner for peace.

            Young American Jews reading you will only come away confirmed in their suspicions as to how dishonest and ugly are the people behind the very processes to which Rachel Sandalow-Ash rightly objects.

            Reply to Comment
          • Merkava

            Say the same BEN who said that Jews are responsible for all wars and push the United States to occupy Muslim lands. Young American Jews will be disgusted by that.

            Say the same BEN who poses among others as AvarageAmerican and “Israel” to spew raw anti-Semitic slurs on this site. Here is an example of one of BEN’ masterpieces while he posed as “Israel”:
            “#Self-neutralizingZionistOxygenThieves #LOL@PsychoticZionistMouthBreathers
            1. There has never been a sovereign Israeli Jerusalem.
            2. There isn’t a sovereign Israeli Jerusalem.
            3. There never will be a sovereign Israeli Jerusalem.
            Ergo, your moronic hasbara is nothing but meaningless Zionist masturbation, which only represents your broken delusional “thinking”, Zionist oxygen thief.”

            No just Young American Jews, but no healthy person would want to be around a disease like you. You are pathetic, little anti-Semite, Bruce “Israel” BEN Gould!

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            You know, that might be interesting if a single word of it were true. Since not one single word is true, however, your post is notable only as evidence that you are a really shameless psychopath, creepily obsessed with me. Your next post, and the one after that and the one after that will be more evidence of same. The one thing you have proven to all of us beyond the shadow of a doubt is that your capacity to lie is boundless. And whenever you get bested in any way, the lies come especially thick and fast. Anyone who has spent any time here knows that very well. Bye bye.

            Reply to Comment
          • Merkava

            Our denials are expected – given your immoral, anti-Semitic and cancerous personality. At the very least, you have ADMITTED on this site that “Brian”, “Bryan” and “Ben” are the aliases with which you simultaneously posted. We also know about other aliases behind which you hide to spew raw anti-Semitic filth.

            Another thing you cannot deny is that you who claim to come from the “United States” and “Great Britain” (hilarious!) but neither know nor care about what goes on in those countries, dwell on the comment sections of Jewish websites EVERY SINGLE day ranting and raging against Jews and Israel.

            Check your comment above and compare it to my response in which your idiotic claim was demolished. Is that how I was “bested”, delusional moron?

            “Bye bye”? We have heard that over and over again. You will be back again. Wait for it…

            Reply to Comment
          • Israel



            Say the same Ginger LIES who said “Everywhere you have Muslim Arabs, there rules mayhem, murders, mass murders, beheadings, rapes, ethnic cleansing and Genocide”.

            Say the same Ginger LIES who poses among others as Hercules and “Merkava” to spew raw anti-Semitic slurs on this site. Here is an example of one the obscene anti-semitic blood-libels that Ginger LIES and her kind systematically level against the indigenous Palestinians of the Holy Land:

            “This is the crime Baleztinians are committing today – as we speak – against Jews simply because they are Jews!

            +972mag, its entire columnists and the entire ugly, anti-Semitic thugs from Europe and elsewhere who hallucinate and rant daily on this site against Israelis and the Jewish Stat do not and will not condemn this Arab brutish barbarism that at the same time is not just the root cause of the conflict, but also fundamentally against the very human rights and fundamental freedoms they hypocritically claim to support and defend. These hateful imbeciles salivate for- and privately celebrate the barbarous butcher of innocent Jews by Baleztinians on the streets of Israel and want the Jewish State gone.

            But I have good news for y’all: the Jewish People are not defenseless anymore as they were during the centuries of pogroms, dispossessions, mass rapes, murders and mass murders in Arab Muslim countries! The Jewish State IS and Will Ever Be. Any ugly heads such as y’all that rears itself up against it will be crushed! ”

            No healthy person wants to be around malignant cancer like YOU. You are vile, putrid, anti-semitic Zionist filth, Ginger “Merkava” Hercules LIES!

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          • Merkava

            Yeah, whenever BEN loses an argument and runs out of ideas, he suddenly melts away like the little coward he is, disappears and metamorphoses into one of his aliases and starts hallucinating about Ginger Eis and showing the world what a deranged lunatic he is.

            Go take your meds, BEN, you little old lunatic.

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          • Israel

            Nah. Whenever Ginger LIES loses the plot, runs out of other peoples’ ideas and legal arguments to copy and paste, or just wants to spread vile anti-semitic blood-libels about the indigenous Palestinians of the Holy Land, SHE suddenly melts away, being the vile little anti-Semitic Zionist oxygen thief and cowardly beast she is, and metamorphoses into another one of her many aliases, in this case: “Merkava”, to show the world what a deranged Zionist lunatic she really is.

            Go back to Stormfront, Ginger LIES, you anti-Semitic Zionist turd.

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        • bryan

          So – there are more non-Israeli, anti-Israel and indifferent-to-Israel voices (but still prepared to criticise where criticism of Israel is justified) on American campuses than there are pro-Israel voices (prepared to defend every injustice committed).

          How very surprising! That may of course be because young students and older academics are more principled, more idealistic and better informed than your average hasbarist. It may be they are deeply incensed that pro-Zionist money and power has captured and corroded the American media and government system. It may be because they see right-wing Likudite Zionism as deeply antithetic to a host of American values. It may be that they can join the dots connecting Gaza to Ferguson, Tel Aviv to Washington, the denial of democracy in the West Bank to the denial of real political choices to ordinary Americans. Or it may of course be, as you claim, that hundreds of thousands of elite Americans are “jealous and hateful”.

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      • Gustav

        BEN:”you’re likely never going to hear Palestinian perspectives”

        Yea, yea, yea, blah blah blah.

        How come you never complain about Arabs not hearing/listening to the Israeli perspective?

        Sheeeeesh. A 100 war of survival for the Jewish state. We know what their perspective is. By hook or by crook, by military political or stealth or any other means, they want to eliminate the existence of the only Jewish state in the world which has a land size of 0.5% of the land mass which the Arab peoples posess, and they want to replace our state with the 23rd Arab Muslim state.

        Want supremacism? THAT is supremacism! And some extreme leftists have dedicated their worthless lives to aid and abet the Arabs. It is just obscene. But never mind. They are doomed to disappointment. We shall overcome…

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    5. Nurit Steinfeld

      It is a great idea to have a dialogue about Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian areas and about zionism in general but Jewish Voice for Peace is so rabidly anti Israel, using the most manipulative and hateful posts and demonstrations that even I, who mostly agrees with them, am turned off and don’t want to have anything to do with them.

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    6. ARTHUR

      כְּנַעַן CANAN. THATS THE REAL NAME OF THAT STATE Leviticus 18:3

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