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Zionist movement

  • ‘For those who want peace, replacing Zionism is inevitable’

    For many Palestinians in the West Bank, the minor shifts in Israeli politics are a long-awaited opportunity to challenge the traditional understanding of the occupation. By Yuval Abraham Ahmad, a former officer with the Palestinian Authority’s intelligence forces, retired two years ago. Every morning for 23 years — since the PA was established — he would drive to his office in Ramallah and deal with security issues. He experienced the political upheavals of the past two decades on the ground, including the collapse of the peace talks, the Second Intifada, Benjamin Netanyahu’s rule, the building of the separation wall, and the expansion of the…

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  • WATCH: The most anti-Semitic Israeli cartoon ever made?

    [This post has been updated] The Samaria Settler Council — an organization representing Israeli settlements in northern West Bank — has just uploaded a pretty jaw-dropping piece of propaganda. It's subtitled in English and really needs to be seen to be believed. But in case you don't want to do it to yourselves, it shows a wealthy European named Herr Stürmer (get it?) tossing shiny Euro coins to a hook-nosed, vicious character referred to only as "ze Jew." "Ze Jew" is paid by his master (whose face is obscured by a newspaper parodying Haaretz headlines on Israeli human rights abuses) to besmirch Israel,…

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  • How the 1929 Hebron massacre invigorated the Zionist movement

    The riots made it clear that the distinctions between religious and secular Jews, or between the old established community and the newcomers were meaningless for the Arabs. That wasn't because in the eyes of Muslims all Jews should equally be put to the death, but because at the end of the 1920s, the Arabs felt that what all these currents held in common was more significant than their differences. By Hillel Cohen The 1929 events have become symbolic of Arab murderousness, at least in Jewish eyes. It's the proof that even without the 1967 occupation and the 1948 Nakba, Arabs have…

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