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Youth Against Settlements

  • Hundreds march in Hebron: 'Open segregated Shuhada Street'

    Israeli soldiers fire volleys of tear gas to break up the protest, prevent the march from reaching the street Israel has forbidden Palestinians but not Jews from walking or driving down. Around 400 people marched through the West Bank city of Hebron on Friday to mark 23 years since the Ibrahimi Mosque (Cave of the Patriarchs) Massacre, and demanded the city’s Shuhada Street be re-opened to Palestinian residents, and to end the occupation. Shuhada Street has been segregated — closed to Palestinians but not Jews — for 16 years: Palestinian residents cannot walk out their front doors, and shops owned…

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  • WATCH: 'They want to get rid of the idea of nonviolent resistance'

    The Israeli army really wants to see Palestinian nonviolent activist Issa Amro in prison. We ask Issa why he's facing 18 charges now, and what 'winning' would mean for him. Video by A. Daniel Roth, Aaron Rotenberg Nonviolent Palestinian organizer Issa Amro has been practicing and teaching nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience in the occupied city of Hebron since 2003, in part through the local activist group he helped establish and operates, Youth Against Settlements. Recently, the Israeli army announced that it plans to prosecute him for 18 separate charges going all the way back to 2010. [tmwinpost] Almost all of the charges are…

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  • Jewish, Palestinian activists try to build a cinema in Hebron

    As soldiers and settlers look on, dozens of foreign Jews join Palestinians in the segregated city of Hebron try 'to make the unbearable a little more bearable.' Police detain six Israelis among the group, prevent others from even joining. The streets in the Israel-controlled section of Hebron were sunny and silent at 9 a.m. on Friday. The Palestinian shops on the main streets were all shut, as most of them have been for over 20 years. Jews were home preparing for Shabbat. On a sloping street rising through the Tel Rumeida neighborhood where, in April, a Palestinian stabber was wounded, then executed, there is…

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  • PHOTOS: Soldiers arrest Palestinian photojournalist at Hebron demo

    Israeli security forces arrest two Palestinians during demonstration marking 22 years since the Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre, and calling to open Hebron's main thoroughfares to Palestinian traffic. Photos by Oren Ziv, Ahmad al-Bazz/, text by Oren Ziv Israeli soldiers and Border Policemen arrested two Palestinians, including one photojournalist, at a protest in the West Bank city of Hebron on Friday. Nearly 100 Palestinian demonstrators marched calling to open a main thoroughfare that has been off limits to Palestinians for over a decade. The nonviolent demonstration, organized by activists from the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee and the Youth Against Settlements organization, was violently…

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  • Palestinian teen jailed for six days on trumped up charges

    Ahmed sat in jail for six days after being accused of trying to attack soldiers with a knife. How many other Palestinians are sitting in jail because of planted evidence? By Michael Salisbury-Corech A Palestinian minor was released from military prison last Thursday after spending a week in detention on suspicion of carrying a knife and attempting to stab soldiers. [tmwinpost] Israeli soldiers stationed in the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in Hebron said they saw the youth, Ahmed, walking around a military post with a knife with the intention of stabbing soldiers stationed there. After six days in detention, Ahmad was…

  • Under cover of Shabbat, settlers invade Palestinian property in Hebron

    Neither the army nor the police bat an eyelid when settlers set up shop in the front yard of a privately-owned Palestinian home for an entire weekend.  By Michael Salisbury-Corech Dozens of settlers in Hebron took over the front yard of the home of well-known local Palestinian nonviolent activist Issa Amro over the weekend. Israeli soldiers remained with the settlers for over 24 hours, guarding them as they slept, prayed, and ate — all the while blocking the entrance to the house. [tmwinpost] Amro rents the house from its Palestinian owner, using it as the community center for the "Youth Against Settlements"…

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  • WATCH: Masked settlers attack Palestinians at Hebron checkpoint

    Masked Israeli settlers attack, pepper spray Palestinians detained at the Beit Hadassah checkpoint in Hebron. Palestinian activist: 'Had a Palestinian attacked the settlers, the entire neighborhood would have already been punished.' By Yael Marom A video released Saturday shows four settlers violently attacking two Palestinians who were detained by Israeli soldiers near the Beit Hadassah settlement in the city of Hebron. According to the organization "Youth Against Settlements," whose activists filmed the incident, two Palestinians were detained by Israeli soldiers near Beit Hadassah on Saturday, an area known for settler violence. The Palestinians began arguing with the soldiers when four…

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  • PHOTOS: IDF brigade commander vs Hebron's kindergarten

    In the middle of Hebron, volunteers and activists built a kindergarten. Even a kindergarten, an attempt to bring a small piece of normalcy to the area, has turned into a target for the army, police and settlers.  Text and photos by Dana Direktor / 'The Hottest Place in Hell' Read this article in Hebrew The State of Israel offers compulsory education from the age of three. But for the residents of the H2 area of Hebron, under Israeli control, there are no educational institutions. Period. Thus, a Palestinian child has two options: pass a few checkpoints on the way to…

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  • Palestinians demand Shuhada St. reopened after 20 years

    In a rare, united political front, Palestinian protesters try to reach Hebron's segregated Shuhada Street but are confronted by Israeli army and police. Five are arrested and a B'Tselem researcher is hit in the head with a rubber-coated bullet. [This post has been updated] About 1,000 Palestinians from all political parties, joined by Israeli and international activists, marched through the streets of Hebron Friday afternoon demanding to reopen the city's formerly central commercial street. Shuhada Street has been closed to Palestinians movement for the better part of 20 years since the Cave of the Patriarchs/Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre. The procession started at the central…

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  • PHOTOS: Palestinians establish new protest village in Jordan Valley

    Some 300 Palestinian activists descended on a cluster of palm trees and long-abandoned houses north of the Dead Sea on Friday to establish the protest village of 'Ein Hijleh.' The aim of the action was to protest demands made by the Israeli government to retain control of the Jordan Valley and other settlements in the midst of current peace negotiations. The action is the first in a campaign of protest villages activists termed 'Melh Al-Ard' (Salt of the Earth).  By: Oren Ziv, Ryan Rodrick Beiler, Keren Manor/ Haaretz reported earlier this month that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he "did not…

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  • 'Death to Arabs' sprayed on Palestinian kindergarten in Hebron

    The only Palestinian kindergarten in the Israeli-controlled part of Hebron is vandalized with threatening hate speech. Similar slogans found elsewhere in the H-2 part of the city. Israeli settlers vandalized a Palestinian kindergarten in Hebron, spray-painting "Death to Arabs" on its wall, it was discovered this week. This is the only kindergarten in the Israeli-controlled section of Hebron to which Palestinian parents can send their three- to five- year-old children without them having to pass through an Israeli checkpoint. This is what the children saw when they arrived: The kindergarten is located near Shuhada Street in H-2, the part of Hebron…

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  • Waiting for Obama: Hebron youth take cue from U.S. civil rights movement

    If it had happened anywhere other than Hebron, one would have been justified in assuming that the scene unfolding was coordinated for a not-too-sophisticated film about "the conflict". Surely somewhere out of sight there is an entire movie crew ready for the director to yell "cut!", so that all actors on this bizarre and horrific set can trade the severity on their faces for laughter and ease during their coffee break. But this is Hebron, and the dramatic horror is very much real. In front of us is a small landing at the top of a hill overlooking the old…

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