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  • Tasers to the face: How the Israeli Navy seized latest Gaza flotilla

    Activists describe violence and threats by Israeli naval commandos in international waters. Right-wing organization attempts to take ownership of the boat. The Israeli Navy seized a fishing boat attempting to break the siege on Gaza Sunday. According to activists on board, naval commandos tasered the boat’s first officer in his face, punched another crew member in the face, and threatened the life of the captain. There were 22 participants and crew members aboard “Al Awda,” “The Return” in Arabic. The Norwegian boat was one of several ships this summer attempting to break the siege and bring aid to Gaza, an…

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  • Israel's internal security service going after leftwing protesters

    Another activist received an invitation to a meeting with Shabak. After refusing, he was warned that it would be in his best interest to come Yesterday, I reported here on two members of the leftwing group Anarchists against the Wall that were invited to a meetings with a Shabak (Israel's internal security agency) operator calling herself "Rona". Apparently, this was the same person who conducted a political interrogation of former IDF pilot Yonatan Shapira a few months ago. Today (Tuesday), a third activist received a phone call from "Rona", asking him to report to a meeting with her. The activist…

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  • Two more activists invited for "friendly chat" by Shin Bet

    One activist warned that his actions are known to the GSS; other chose to decline the invitation Two Israeli activists that take part in protests in the West Bank have been summoned to informal investigations by Israel's General Security Service, the Shabak (formally Shin Beit). According to the two, they received phone calls inviting them for what was described as "a talk" with a GSS investigator named Rona. A few months ago, Yonatan Shapira, a former IDF pilot, was summoned for such a meeting in Tel Aviv with a female investigator calling herself Rona. According to an account Shapira published,…

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  • The IDF spokesman's war on freedom of the press

    Following an 1992 IDF military training debacle known as the Zeelim B scandal, an Israeli general named Uri Sagi, then serving as chief of AMAN (military intelligence), was interviewed for the domestic media. During the interview, the journalist noted that the IDF Spokesman gave a version of events that directly contradicted Sagi’s. The general, always noted for his bluntness, fired back immediately: “The IDF Spokesman lies, as usual." We had another demonstration of the Spokesman's economical use of the truth on Tuesday. Our brave gunmen took over the Irene, a ship carrying nine peace activists to Gaza, in yet another…

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  • Israeli BDS activist's account of "a friendly talk" with the Shin Beit

    Former Israeli air force pilot and conscientious objector Yonatan Shapira was summoned today to "a friendly talk" with the Shabak (formally known as "Shin Beit", Israel's internal security agency). This is Yonatan's account of the event, as posted on Facebook: Yesterday Rona from the Shabak called me and asked me to come talk to meet her in the police station on Dizengof st. (Tel Aviv). She refused to tell me what was it about, but made it clear I wasn't going to be arrested, and that this is just an acquaintance or "a friendly talk"… At five o'clock I got…

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