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Yona Metzger

  • No, a woman's voice is not "pubic" - the song must go on

    A recent protest from within the IDF against the sound of women singing made it all the way to the High Court. But the event is only one in a string of state-sanctioned assaults against women's rights, led by Israel's religious establishment, which likens women to their genitalia By Hila Benyovits-Hoffman | Translation: Dena Shunra Some six weeks ago, during a formal IDF officers’ training course event celebrating military heritage, nine cadets stood up and left the performance hall. The reason for their pointed exit was the participation of women among the military singers. The cadets felt they were prohibited from listening to them…

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  • Chief Rabbi confuses Monty Python with history

    Yona Metzger shows, once more, how ignorant are Israeli Orthodox rabbis As the ultra-Orthodox keep trying to elicit more money from the government, one claim they make is that rabbinical studies should be a recognized form of higher education, equivalent to a BA. As if one needed an example of how bogus this claim is, Yona Metzger – you would be forgiven for not knowing that this intellectual and moral pigmy is Israel’s Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi – provided a rich one today. Interviewed (Hebrew) by the popular website Walla!, and asked to explain why the status of the rabbinate has…

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