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  • How Trump energizes deniers of Palestinian independence

    Taking their cues from the American president, right-wingers like Bret Stephens argue that the Palestinians don't deserve a state. Here's why they're wrong. President Trump could have made a tremendous statement last week had he recognized the claims of both Israel and the Palestinians to a capital in Jerusalem. Instead, he reinforced Israel’s already disproportionate advantage in the conflict. Right-wing hawks then took it further, seizing on his statement to revive the dusty arguments rejecting of Palestinian statehood altogether. [tmwinpost] Conservative New York Times columnist Bret Stephens provides Exhibit A, with his decree that Palestinians have not proved sufficiently worthy of…

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  • If only there was oil under Yarmouk

    As Palestinians are being murdered and starving to death in the refugee camp near Damascus, the Arab world is busy intervening in Yemen, the Palestinian Authority is silent, and Israeli television is talking about where to eat during the Passover holiday. Monday morning, on the morning show on Israel’s Channel 10, which was co-hosted by the station’s military correspondent because the regular hosts are on vacation, they were supposedly discussing recommendations for the Israeli holiday traveler. After describing Israelis on vacation as ugly and litterers and more, the hosts recommended places to see and good places to eat. [tmwinpost] As…

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  • Yemenite Children Affair: Families of the kidnapped speak out

    Between the years 1948 and 1952, thousands of babies, children of mostly Yemenite immigrants to the newly-founded State of Israel, were allegedly taken away from their parents and given up for adoption to Ashkenazi families. Now a group of activists is telling the stories of the traumatized families who vow never to forget. (Translated from Hebrew by Maayan Goldman) The baby in the photo is younger than my Abigail. His name is Rafael - a tiny baby, seen here in his mother's arms. She wandered from Damascus to Beirut and onto the shores of the promised land, before being placed…

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  • Reviving the spirit of Yemen's Jewish goldsmiths

    Although goldsmithing among the Jewish community in Yemen goes back generations, most Yemenites were stripped of their ability to continue their work upon their arrival in Israel. The few who remained in the profession watched as their work lost its meaning in Israeli-tzabar culture. By Tom Fogel My family from my mother's side is a family of goldsmiths. It's a bit strange to write that out, since none of the grandchildren bore witness to our family's profession. Like many who came from Yemen, the patriarchs of the family were not allowed to bring their tools to Israel, and the women's…

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  • Violent protests are the true insult to Islam

    The real challenge facing the Muslim world today is how to stop violent protesters from becoming the face of the religion. In order to do that, we need more Muslims to get rid of their indifference and speak against the misrepresentation of Islam.  Research shows that the people behind "Innocence of Muslims," the film which disrespects Islam and the Prophet Muhammad and set off riots across the Middle East after it was uploaded to YouTube, are nothing more than a few Islalmophobic individuals. They produced a very a low cost, low quality film which aims to mock the Prophet Muhammad, and…

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  • +972 Person of the Year: Woman activist of the Arab world

    From Bahrain to Tunisia, at demonstrations, in interviews and in their own writing, they repeat, “We will not be quiet.” In their refusal to view the rights of women as a cause separate from civil rights, human rights and pro-democracy activism, female Arab protestors have taken feminism to a new level. By Lisa Goldman During the January 25 uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak, two women from vastly different backgrounds worked side-by-side at Tahrir Square, organizing the distribution of donated food and medical supplies. One was a secular, feminist attorney who wears slim jeans and has her hair done at one…

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  • Young Mizrahi Israelis' open letter to Arab peers

    Translated from Hebrew;  English edited by Chana Morgenstern | Arabic version here In a letter titled "Ruh Jedida: A New Spirit for 2011," young Jewish descendants of the Arab and Islamic world living in Israel write to their peers in the Middle East and North Africa We, as the descendents of the Jewish communities of the Arab and Muslim world, the Middle East and the Maghreb, and as the second and third generation of Mizrahi Jews in Israel, are watching with great excitement and curiosity the major role that the men and women of our generation are playing so courageously in the…

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  • Arab republican dictators: A dying breed

    Six months ago, there were five Arab republican dictators. Now, all but Syria's president are out or on their way, and even Assad is facing his biggest challenge since succeeding his father a decade ago The "Arab Spring" of the last six months has already swept away the dictators of Tunisia and Egypt. Libya's ruler seems unlikely to survive, and the Yemeni president has agreed to step down in exchange for immunity. This means that the republican dictatorship, once an important type of regime in the Arab world, is on its last legs. Or, more accurately, its last leg. Syria's…

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  • Democracy, Islam and Israel: What's next for Egypt and the region?

    The prospects for democracy in Egypt will be affected by regional developments, and will also affect them in turn. While important elements in Egyptian society have been virtually ignored, Islamists' role has been greatly exaggerated in Western discourse, and nowhere more so than in Israel. Arab regimes that are more responsive to their peoples' voices may force Israel to change its policies, but that will ultimately benefit the country's own interests. It is hard to fully articulate the magnitude of yesterday's events in Egypt. The success of massive popular protests in removing Mubarak from power is an amazing development, which…

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