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  • Israel’s new government: Very male, very white, very capitalist

    Oh, and the settlements are in very, very good hands. One of Israel’s leading sociologists, the late Baruch Kimmerling, is responsible for coining the term “Ahusalim (אחוס”לים),” to describe those who ruled Israel for decades. It is an acronym in Hebrew for “Ashkenazi, secular, old guard, socialists, and nationalists.” ASOSNs, for us English speakers. I guess Kimmerling was trying to find something similar to WASP, and although he came up with a term that became widely used, let’s face it - phonetically it’s a flop. As I write these lines, the coalition agreements between the Likud, Jewish Home and Yesh…

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  • Livni’s comeback could be the last chance to topple Netanyahu

    It's an extreme long shot. Probably impossible. But Tzipi Livni's comeback may be the only way left to change the balance between the blocs, especially if  she and Labor’s Shelly Yachimovich distance themselves from each other A few thoughts on Tzipi Livni’s comeback, announced yesterday. This move, mocked by everyone all over the map, is actually the only chance the Left has. A Hail Mary of sorts. Right now, and judging by the Haaretz poll published today, it’s a move destined to fail. The gloomy data even says the left-wing bloc is actually shrinking more, and that Livni “only” grabs…

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  • Anchorman turned politician: PM doesn't care about conflict

    Political neophyte Yair Lapid gave his first television interview since announcing his entry into politics, on Channel 2 evening news on Tuesday. The media man thus generated plenty of media, from journos eagerly waiting for him to move his message beyond cyber-campaigning into the traditional realm. Much of the interview involved the usual politicking and dancing around questions. Then to my surprise, Lapid did something that hardly any of the other candidates did during the almost-campaign kick-off last month, and certainly haven't dared to do since: He mentioned the P-word. Or if you will, the C-word. Not only did Lapid…

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