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Yael Marom

  • Israeli soldiers shoot and kill 21-year-old Palestinian in Nabi Saleh

    Izz ad-Din Tamimi is the third resident of Nabi Saleh killed by the IDF since the village began its unarmed protests against the occupation a decade ago. By Oren Ziv and Yael Marom Israeli soldiers shot and killed Izz ad-Din Tamimi on Wednesday morning during a raid on the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh. [tmwinpost] According to the IDF’s version of events, Tamimi, 21, had joined several other young men from the village in clashes with soldiers. He approached the soldiers and threw a rock that hit one of the soldiers, who then opened fire. Tamimi was shot twice, in the neck…

  • PHOTOS: Thousands protest in J'lm over disappeared Yemenite children

    Thousands of Israelis took to Jerusalem's streets on Wednesday evening to demand answers over the disappearance of Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan babies in the early years of the state.  By Yael Marom, Eli Bitan and Haggai Matar Thousands of people gathered in Jerusalem on Wednesday evening in order to protest the kidnapping of Yemenite, Mizrahi and Balkan babies in the early years of the state. The demonstration was organized by Amram, an NGO dedicated to researching and exposing the affair, and called for recognition of the state’s crimes as well as justice for the affected families. Hundreds of members of families…

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  • LGBTQ Israelis come out against occupation and homophobia

    In response to online homophobic attacks, over 50 LGBTQ left-wing activists and NGO workers in Israel-Palestine release a statement condemning the occupation, racism and pinkwashing. By Yael Marom The week before last a notorious extreme right-wing Israeli rapper posted another homophobic status on his Facebook page. The post, which was not the from a right-winger to put LGBTQ members of human rights organizations in the crosshairs, was the catalyst for an initiative to bring together LGBTQ left-wing activists ahead of the Tel Aviv Pride march this week. [tmwinpost] As part of his post, the rapper attached pictures of five of our…

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  • WATCH: Settlers attack Palestinian school, harass students

    Settlers are caught on video throwing stones at a Palestinian school in Burin, and a settlement security guard fires his gun into the air. But the soldiers who arrive on the scene take no action against the attackers.  By Yael Marom School children in the West Bank village of Burin were harassed and attacked by settlers who threw stones at them and even fired a gun in the air last month, according to witness testimonies and video footage provided by B’Tselem. In the late morning on Thursday March 16, two settlers approached the school, one of whom climbed the fence on…

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  • Wave of settler violence hits Palestinian villages in West Bank

    Settlers from the radical Yitzhar settlement attack Palestinians in Urif and Huwwara, just one day after Israeli activists were assaulted by masked settlers in the Jordan Valley. By Yael Marom Dozens of Jewish settlers assaulted Palestinians in two separate West Bank villages on Saturday, just one day after settlers attacked and injured left-wing Israelis in the Jordan Valley. [tmwinpost] Israelis from the radical Yitzhar settlement carried out two waves of attacks on the village of Urif, near Nablus. Four Palestinians were injured in the initial assault, and although residents of the village alerted Israeli security forces about the violence, the…

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  • Israel's online pot market lights up as decriminalization looms

    In the wake of an Israeli government vote to decriminalize the recreational use of marijuana, an enterprising legalization activist has created a virtual marketplace for buyers and sellers of cannabis. By Yael Marom Whether they're after skunk, White Widow or Lemon Haze, Israelis can now purchase the cannabis of their choice with about as much ease as any other kind of plant. In the days following the Israeli government’s vote to move to decriminalize recreational marijuana use, thousands of Israelis joined so-called “Telegrass” groups on the Telegram messaging app, initiated by activists who been campaigning for legalization. Cannabis merchants can,…

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  • Did the Israeli government just admit to 'pinkwashing?'

    LGBTQ organizations in Israel are threatening to cancel Tel Aviv's yearly Pride Parade unless the government allocates more money to their groups and causes at home — and not just use the parade to promote Israel as a bastion of progressive liberalism overseas. The government's response? Pull the international promotional budget. By Yael Marom The LGTBQ community in Israel is threatening to hold a huge demonstration instead of the internationally lauded annual Tel Aviv Pride Parade this year. The bold threat is the result of an announcement that the Tourism Ministry was budgeting NIS 11 million ($2.9 million) to promote…

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