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Yael Berda

  • 'Israel's permit regime isn't about security, it's about segregation'

    The permit system for Palestinians allows Israel to recruit informants, suppress political activity, and create an opaque system of segregation and control. Just don't say it's about security, says Yael Berda. The image should be familiar to every person with even the slightest bit of knowledge about Palestine. Hundreds of middle-aged men huddled together at ungodly hours, waiting in interminable lines in corridors enclosed by concrete walls, turnstiles, guard towers, and armed soldiers. Young boys mill about selling Arabic coffee in miniature disposable cups as the men lurch forward, one by one. The men hand their entry permits to the…

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  • What can Trump really do in the face of a 50-year occupation?

    President Trump has arrived in Israel, promising the ultimate deal. Ahead of the big day, a few political activists and commentators shared their thoughts on what, if anything, Trump can bring to the region.  By Yaser Abu Areesha President Donald Trump, a man who often speaks about making the "ultimate deal" that would bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has landed in Israel. But despite official declarations, no one is actually sure what he wants or whether he will surprise us. What is certain is that Trump moves in mysterious ways. [tmwinpost] The president is no longer the messiah…

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  • How Palestinians can prevent a new permit regime in Jerusalem

    The history of Israel’s permit regime in the West Bank should serve as a warning that even temporary closures on Palestinian neighborhoods of Jerusalem can have in serious, long-term political consequences. By Yael Berda After a violent couple of weeks in Jerusalem, the Israeli government gave police discretion to impose a closure on certain East Jerusalem neighborhoods to monitor the movement of the city’s Palestinian population. The measures, which severely impede freedom of movement — preventing people from going to work, children from going to school, businesses from receiving supplies and equipment, and halting critical municipal services — are justified…

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