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Yaacov Lozowick

  • IDF Censor redacted 2,358 news articles last year

    While the number of articles submitted to the IDF Censor decreased in 2017, the percentage of articles that it fully or partially redacted went up. Israel’s Military Censor outright prohibited the publication of 271 articles in 2017, more than five a week, and partially or fully redacted a total of 2,358 news items submitted to it for prior review. The latter figure amounts to roughly one redaction every four hours. The figures, provided in response to a freedom of information request filed by +972 Magazine and the Movement for Freedom of Information, represents a rise in the percentage of articles the…

  • Israel's state archivist opens up about censorship, digitization

    Israel’s state archivist confirms that nearly half a million pages have been sent to the IDF Censor, which has redacted historical documents that already saw the light of day, and talks about why he didn’t foresee the storm that erupted over his decision to end access to paper documents. Israel’s state archivist did not foresee the storm that erupted this week over his decision to end public access to the Israel State Archives’ physical documents as part of a otherwise welcomed digitization process. Historians, academics and civil liberties groups are worried by the lack of public debate surrounding the changes,…

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  • The end of history at Israel's state archives?

    As part of a welcome digitization process, the Israel State Archives will soon revoke access to original paper documents, and the documents it puts online will be subject to military censorship. But academics and civil liberties groups are fighting back. (Correction appended below) Israel’s State Archives (ISA) will no longer give researchers and the public access to its historical materials and documents once it starts putting digitized documents online. Furthermore, and documents it does release will be subject to review by the country’s military censorship apparatus. Currently, the military censor does not review every document given to researchers. [tmwinpost] The…

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