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  • Israeli activists replace threatening military signs with messages of peace and resistance

    Using creative, colorful tools and supported by Palestinians from a number of villages, a group of Israeli women is trying to break the army's campaign of fear and segregation. For several years now, all roads branching off of major Israeli-controlled West Bank highways and taking drivers towards Palestinian villages and cities, have been dominated by the presence of red trilingual warning signs. The signs threaten Israelis that the roads lead to Palestinian Authority controlled areas. Driving on them should thus be considered both a violation of the law, which officially forbids Israelis from entering "Area A" (although this law is…

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  • PHOTOS: Peaceful actions lay claim to Palestinian lands

    Over the weekend, Palestinians went on three direct actions to establish and maintain their hold on West Bank lands. Farmers in Tuqu' returned to lands they have been banned from farming, residents of Mufagarah built a new home after a series of demolitions, and the women of Nabi Saleh marched to the village spring for the second time in a month. The weekend started like all other weekends in the West Bank– with popular unarmed demonstrations against the wall, the settlements and the occupation in the villages of Bil'in, Ni'lin, Nabi Saleh, Qadum and Ma'asara. Once again demonstrations were attacked…

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  • Palestinian women take back spring as settlers, soldiers look on

    For the first time in years, a group of Palestinian women was able to reach the Nabi Saleh spring, which was taken over long ago by settlers. The women vowed to return, hoping to hold on to the spring. Every Friday for the past three years or so, Nabi Saleh residents, along with Israeli and international supporters, have been demonstrating against the theft of their lands by settlers from the nearby settlement of Halamish. At the focus of the struggle is the attempt to reach the Al-Kous spring, which was taken over by settlers in recent years. Week after week, demonstrators march…

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  • +972 Person of the Year: Woman activist of the Arab world

    From Bahrain to Tunisia, at demonstrations, in interviews and in their own writing, they repeat, “We will not be quiet.” In their refusal to view the rights of women as a cause separate from civil rights, human rights and pro-democracy activism, female Arab protestors have taken feminism to a new level. By Lisa Goldman During the January 25 uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak, two women from vastly different backgrounds worked side-by-side at Tahrir Square, organizing the distribution of donated food and medical supplies. One was a secular, feminist attorney who wears slim jeans and has her hair done at one…

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