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  • Ahead of worst winter storm in years, IDF razes Palestinian homes

    The Middle East is experiencing one of the worst winter storms to hit the region in years. All almost all of the mountain ranges from Syria to Sinai are covered in snow and the coastal areas are seeing very large amounts of rainfall. State and local authorities throughout the region are working to bring homeless people into shelters and rescue those caught in the storm. Yet on Tuesday, just as the storm was approaching, the Israeli army's Civil Administration in the West Bank destroyed tents and shacks belonging to Palestinian families in the northern part of the Jordan Valley, leaving…

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  • The passing valentine

    He comes to be with her once a year, stays for barely three months, then vanishes. It's been like that since who knows when. How can a love story last this way? Somehow it does. How can she take it? Somehow she does. She gladly accepts the gifts he brings: A green dress, always a green dress, and bouquets of flowers. It must be the flowers that make her forgive and embrace him so strongly. These are no carnations from the corner florist. He brings her wild flowers, rare flowers, a different one each day: first a slender Urginea Maritima,…

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  • In Defense of Winter

    Because no one else does. Just as soon as the Human Rights March came to an end on Friday, a two or three thunderclaps shook the city, and hard rain came down within seconds. Rabin Square, where some 10,000 activists and refugees huddled, emptied in minutes. We did not have enough rain so far, not nearly enough; and Field Marshal Summer, much stronger around these parts than his more famous cousin, General Winter, took his own sweet time departing. Used to be, some 15 to 20 years ago, you could expect rains in mid-September; afterwards, mid-October; but this year we…

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