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  • What Clinton gets so wrong about Israel-Palestine

    The façade of a peace process is an obstacle to achieving a just peace, for which there can be no alternative. Hillary Clinton believes that the façade of an Israeli-Palestinian peace process is preferable to no peace process at all, we learned this week from the presidential candidate’s private emails, hacked by Russia and published by WikiLeaks. It’s hard to imagine a more troubling statement about Israel/Palestine from a politician who will in all likelihood be the next president of the United States, even if it represents only part of her thinking on the region. [tmwinpost] Let’s examine the logic…

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  • The Israeli government's official 'lawfare' contractor

    The Israeli 'hasbara' group that once sued Jimmy Carter and Twitter, represents Israeli soldiers accused of excessive force and war crimes and files lawsuits at the behest of the Israeli government, calls itself a 'human rights organization.' (Translated from Hebrew by Jordan Michaeli) You know Israel's policy – since no one believes a word it says (and rightfully so) – that the country must operate through third parties supposedly unconnected to it? This has officially been Israeli state policy since 2010, but it seems it was established much earlier. My Hebrew blog has dealt quite extensively with “Im Tirtzu,” and the…

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  • Julian Assange and 'The Women's Issue'

    By Leehee Rothschild Rare are the cases in which an article and the advertisement accompanying it fit together. But in the case of a recent op-ed in The New York Times by Oliver Stone and Michael Moore, "Wikileaks and Free Speech," the two make a perfect match. Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, has been wanted by the Swedish authorities since 2010 over allegations in two rape cases. He has been under house arrest in London since December 2010, while an extradition order against him was deliberated in British courts, and ultimately approved by the Supreme Court last May. At the…

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  • Soldier who shot unarmed protester to death: I didn't see him

    The IDF has launched an investigation into the circumstances which led to the death of Mustafa Tamimi,28, of Nabi Saleh during a demonstration against the takeover of his village's lands by the nearby settlement of Halamish, in the West Bank. Haaretz reports: Figures in the army's Central Command said the soldier claimed he "didn't see" Tamimi. But even if that is true, the IDF's rules of engagement prohibit the firing of tear gas grenades from a rifle pointed directly at demonstrators or from a distance of less than 40 meters away. They also stipulate that the shooter must use the…

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  • IDF Maj.-Gen. (res.) Amos Gilad: "We don't do Gandhi very well"

    In a new wikileaks cable, Director of Policy and Political-Military Affairs at the Israel Ministry of Defense, Maj. General (reserves) Amos Gilad, told American government officials, 'we don't do Gandhi very well'  in reference to unarmed demonstrations taking place throughout the West Bank and specifically in Nabi Saleh. The cable confirms that the Israeli army has, in recent months, decided to increase violent pressure on the demonstrations 'even  [if the] demonstrations appear peaceful.' In the cable, titled "IDF PLANS HARSHER METHODS WITH WEST BANK DEMONSTRATIONS" and labeled confidential, the Israeli army is portrayed as fed up with the demonstrations and likely to engage in harsh repression if the…

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  • New Wikileaks cable shows Israel's West Bank blockade

    In a 2009 cable, American diplomats complain that Israel is not issuing work visas for Palestinian companies' foreign employees While most people who follow the news from Israel and the Palestinian territories know well enough that Israel blocks travel to and from Gaza, it is always surprising how few are aware that all exists and entries to the West Bank are also controlled by Israel. In fact, while Gaza has a land border with Egypt, which allows a certain flow of people and goods, the Israeli blocked on the West Bank is absolute. Palestinians who wish to travel outside the…

  • Israeli Wikileaks: Journalists demand not to try Haaretz reporter

    Israel's Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has summoned Haaretz journalist Uri Blau to a formal hearing – the last procedural step before prosecuting Blau in a criminal court. The 7th eye website reports [Hebrew] that the hearing will take place towards the end of the month. Last March, The Tel Aviv Office for the General Prosecution announced that it was considering prosecuting Blau for unauthorized possession of classified information. Following the procedures against Blau, dozens of Israeli journalists have signed a petition, demanding not to put Haartez's reporter on trail (my translation from Hebrew). We - journalists and media people who…

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  • Watch: Joseph Dana discusses Wikileaks, new media & activism

    Watch 972's Joseph Dana in an interview for GRITtv "There's a lot of Palestinian Gandhis," says writer and filmmaker Joseph Dana.  But up until recently, it was nearly impossible for everyday people around the world to hear their stories. That's changing with social media, he points out, and with this week's release of more diplomatic documents from WikiLeaks, the world has more information than ever about what really happens both on the ground in Israel and Palestine and in diplomatic channels. Joseph stopped in to the GRITtv studio before heading back to Israel, and spoke with Laura about WikiLeaks, about…

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  • The Light-Bringers: on Anat Kamm, Bradley Manning and Wikileaks

    Wikileaks, Anat Kamm and Bradley Manning expose the corrupting power of secrecy. The whistleblowing site Wikileaks published during the weekend some 392,000 classified military documents, which it received, in all likelihood, from a US army soldier, Bradley Manning, who is already on trial. The documents, published in tandem with the New York Times, the Guardian and Der Spiegel, caught the Pentagon with its pants down. They show that, in contrast to the Pentagon’s official lie, that it had no idea how many civilians were killed in Iraq, it had – and a rather accurate one; they expose American chief ally,…

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