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  • Human Rights Watch sues Israel in first challenge to anti-boycott travel ban

    This is the first application of the 2017 amendment to Israel's entry law in which a foreign national already living and working in Israel has had their work permit revoked for alleged support for BDS. Human Rights Watch and its Israel and Palestine director, U.S. citizen Omar Shakir, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the Israeli government following the Interior Ministry's decision to revoke Shakir's work permit and expel him from the country for his alleged support for a boycott of Israel. [tmwinpost] The lawsuit against the deportation order is the first legal challenge of the use of Israel's "boycott travel ban," which is a 2017 amendment to the Prevention of Entry into…

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  • Living in the constant shadow of settler violence

    A recent surge in hate crimes against Palestinians in the West Bank has drawn the attention of both local and international media. But the violence is just one part of the settlement system that is pushing Palestinians to abandon their land. In the hills of the northern West Bank, nightfall brings back an old fear. For the past two months, Palestinians living in a group of villages near Nablus have woken up to slashed tires, burned out cars, a mosque set ablaze, and racist graffiti scrawled on their property. [tmwinpost] The hate crimes, once commonly referred to as “price tag attacks,” are…

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  • WATCH: The settlers' secret to coexistence in the West Bank

    Israeli settlers often claim the West Bank is a model of peaceful coexistence between Arabs and Jews. Avi traveled to the settlements to find out how things came to be so good. By +972 Magazine Staff Israeli settlers often boast that the West Bank is a model of peaceful coexistence. There is more to the West Bank than the checkpoints, they say. So what is the secret to coexistence? "Avi Does the Holy Land" is back for a second season, and in a new episode premiering exclusively on +972 Magazine, Avi travels to Gush Etzion in the "occupied" West Bank to speak…

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  • How Israel's military courts conspire to keep Palestinians in prison

    An Israeli military judge ordered Abdullah Abu Rahme released, saying there was no reason to keep him behind bars. And yet for the next month, the military justice system conspired to keep him in prison. By Edo Konrad and Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man Imagine you are arrested for a nonviolent property crime. After a few days in jail, a judge decides that you do not pose a threat to society, that you’re not a flight risk, and so he or she orders you released on bail. [tmwinpost] So you post bail and go home, right? Not if you’re a Palestinian living under…

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  • The end of Israel's 'enlightened' occupation

    A decision to apply Israel's higher education law to the West Bank exposes as a ruse Israel's claims that it administers the occupied Palestinian territories according to international law. By Michal Luft For years, Israel nurtured its image as an enlightened occupier in the Palestinian territories. It not only insisted on portraying itself to the world as an occupying power that rules over the territories according to the laws of belligerent occupation, it also prided itself on how it administered those territories. That job was given to the IDF's regional commander, who was portrayed as someone whose job requires him to work in an…

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  • Israel deports 14-year-old girl to Gaza — without telling her parents

    Ghada had spent her entire life in the West Bank, yet somehow found herself deported to the Gaza Strip after being arrested by Border Police officers. Israeli authorities deported a 14-year-old epileptic Palestinian girl from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip earlier this month, without notifying her parents, and despite the fact that she has never lived there a day in her life. [tmwinpost] Ghada, who was born in Ramallah where she has lived much of her life, was arrested by Israeli Border Police officers on January 13 for being in Jerusalem without a military permit. She was traveling…

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  • One state or two states? You're asking the wrong question

    What we desperately need now is to go back to the basics and recognize that guaranteeing Palestinians' rights is the  foundation for any political solution. A new poll reveals that following Trump's Jerusalem declaration there has been a drop in support for the two-state solution among both Israeli Jews and Palestinians in the occupied territories – with both communities dipping below the 50 percent level. Only Palestinians with Israeli citizenship who live inside the Green Line show overwhelming support for this solution. [tmwinpost] The poll also shows that in tandem with this ongoing downward shift, there is a significant rise in the hostility of…

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  • As long as occupation exists, soldiers will continue to speak out

    We must make our voices heard sharply and clearly, so that every person who served in the occupied territories will know that speaking out is not merely an option — it is a moral duty. By Avner Gvaryahu Like many who served alongside me, I preferred to remain silent. I preferred to forget, not to speak about the Palestinian homes I broke into in the middle of the night, forgetting the violence I carried out at checkpoints and the passivity required of me when settlers freely broke the law. When I was released from the army, I preferred to repress those three years, to…

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  • The violent repercussions of Trump's declaration

    Trump's speech sparked a new blood feud that claims the lives of both Israelis and Palestinians, unleashing forces destined to kill even more. Israel was reeling this week after a shooting attack Tuesday evening that killed a 35-year old father of six near the West Bank outpost where he lived, called Havat Gilad. Although Rabbi Raziel Shevach lived in a community not even recognized under Israeli law, he was also a civilian: at the time of the shooting, he was not in a situation of active combat, and as far as is known, he was unarmed. His life in that…

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  • The impossible return home

    Our trip back to Israel-Palestine, the first since my daughter’s birth, was also the first time our family would be separated. The Israeli border, the crossing to the place where her father and I met and fell in love, would be the first thing to come between us. I didn’t get a haircut in 2017 and it’s unlikely I’ll get one in 2018, either. Nobody touches my hair but Yossi and, unfortunately, Yossi’s salon is in Tel Aviv's Neve Tzedek neighborhood. Even though it’s bad for his business, whenever I do manage to get to Tel Aviv and see Yossi, he urges…

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  • Is Jerusalem forcing a new direction for the Palestinian struggle?

    'This is the least expensive occupation in history,' says one Palestinian resident. What he wants in return are equal rights in a democratic state. Could this be the future of the Palestinian national movement?    When I first met Osama Essawi in the summer of 2014, Israel's "Operation Protective Edge" had claimed its 500th Palestinian child, displaced a quarter of Gaza's population, and sparked demonstrations across the globe. I asked Essawi then why he thought Jerusalem had erupted in protest while the West Bank — with one notable exception — remained largely quiet. [tmwinpost] “Easy,” he said. “We don’t have a Palestinian Authority to stop us.”…

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  • This is what it looks like to be hit by Israel's 'Skunk'

    The 'Skunk,' a foul-smelling liquid most often used to suppress Palestinian demonstrations, is now finding a new target: ultra-Orthodox Jews.  For much of the past year, Israeli forces have been using a foul-smelling liquid shot from a water cannon at high velocity to try and put down a burgeoning protest movement by ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem. On Sunday, Activestills photographer Oren Ziv captured the weapon, known as the "Skunk," firing at the protesters, and striking a Palestinian from East Jerusalem who was accidentally caught in the melee. [tmwinpost] The protest was held by the followers of Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach, the head of a radical Jerusalem ultra-Orthodox…

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  • Human rights groups tell the truth. It is we who refuse to listen

    We refuse to listen to what human rights groups say about the West Bank and Gaza Strip because we do not want to admit we are ultimately responsible. By Assaf David How does Israel, its institutions, its academy, and its mainstream media, understand the goings on the Palestinian side? Through the crosshairs, of course. [tmwinpost] This is not new, but these crosshairs are located in the wider context of Israel's political institutions. This aspect deserves a closer analysis, since the discourse surrounding these institutions contains a kind of knowledge that molds our consciousness, while erasing knowledge of a different kind. Are Fatah and Hamas…

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