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West Bank olive harvest

  • PHOTOS: Palestinians watch harvest season disappear before their eyes

    In the village of Salem, as elsewhere in the West Bank, Palestinians are forced to harvest their olives according to the whims and restrictions of Israeli authorities. Photos and text by: Ahmad Al-Bazz/ As every year in October, Palestinian families in the West Bank head to their groves in order to begin the olive harvest season. The harvest for any given family might take a few days or several weeks depending on the number of olive trees they have. In the village of Salem, near Nablus, the daily olive harvest routine is for families to go out at 6:00 in…

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  • The war on the Palestinian olive harvest

    Some 80,000 Palestinians families depend on the annual olive harvest for their livelihoods. This year alone, settlers, with the backing of the army, have destroyed or damaged thousands of olive trees, threatening both a major source of income and an age-old agricultural custom. By Alon Aviram Dry shrubs and a mishmash of makeshift tarpaulin shelters cover parts of this parched valley in the South Hebron Hills. The carcass of a car rests in the bottom of a cistern. According to Breaking the Silence, an organization of veteran combatants that works to expose to the Israeli public to the realities of…

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  • Photos: Three arrested as settlers, soldiers disrupt Hebron olive harvest

    It was the first time Hashem Al Azzeh could harvest his olives in five years. Living directly next door to the Tel Rumeida settlement, which like all West Bank settlements is illegal under international law, he has faced years of harassment and violence from some of Israel's most ideological settlers. But this year, having coordinated with the proper authorities, he planned to quickly and quietly harvest the few trees standing between his house and the caravans stacked on top of each other to form the Jewish enclave just up the hill. Accompanied by a handful of International Solidarity Movement (ISM) volunteers,…

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  • Palestinian arrested for tending to his own olive trees

    According to the Palestine News Network, Israeli forces have arrested a Palestinian farmer along with his wife and sister for "trespassing" on land that the man holds deeds to The Palestine News Network (PNN) reports that Israeli police arrested Jamal Jaber Asaad, a 58-year-old Palestinian farmer, on Monday morning on trespassing charges. Asaad's wife and sister were also detained. Nadia Matar, a Jewish resident of the Neve Daniel settlement, called Israeli forces after she saw Asaad and the two women, who hail from the neighboring village of Artas, tending to their olive trees. Matar claims that the trees are hers. Asaad,…

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  • WATCH: Settler attacks during olive harvest not random

    Notes and Stories from the Olive Harvest: Palestinian farmers tell stories of intimidation, vandalism and violence from settler neighbors, as they attempt to harvest their olives. By Moriel Rothman Israeli settler violence against Palestinian farmers during the olive season is not an exception. It is the norm. It is the norm encouraged by the settler leadership, which, in turn is supported by the government. This violence ranges from the blows delivered from masked, rod-wielding youth accompanied by an armed guard in Jalud last week, to the violent mob outside of Anatot last month, to scores of instances of tree burning…

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