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west bank demonstrations.

  • Israel increases pressure on nonviolent struggle's flagship village

    Whether as a result of the violence in Jerusalem or just because there’s a new commander in town, the Israeli army is once again increasing its oppressive measures in the West Bank village of Bil’in. By Roy Wagner There's nothing new under the sun in Bil'in. If you take a look at the Wikipedia page on Bil'in, you'll see that the last updates about the village's struggle against the separation wall refer to 2012. B'Tselem's page on Bil'in was last updated almost two years ago. One could easily be led to believe that the struggle is over. But Bil'in continues…

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  • PHOTOS: Palestinian demonstrators try to destroy West Bank separation wall

    Dozens of Palestinians marched on Saturday toward the separation wall near Tulkarem in what they called the "March of Return." The demonstrators tried to knock a hole in the wall and join protesters on the other side. However, the Israeli army dispersed the protest with tear gas and detained several protesters.  (Photos:  Ahmad Al-Bazz /         Related: Israeli army installs new, remote-controlled weapon atop separation wall PHOTOS: Palestinians destroy separation barrier in two West Bank villages

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  • In IDF fantasy video, Palestinians are allowed to protest

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any more embarrassing or distorted, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit has managed to top itself. On Sunday, the unit published a new video on its YouTube channel, showing scenes of Palestinian demonstrators throwing rocks and Israeli soldiers firing rounds of tear gas "in self-defense" in the West Bank village of Qaddum. Every Friday for the past two years, the villagers of Qaddum (along with Israeli and international activists) have marched toward the nearby settlement of Kedumim to protest the continuing expropriation of their land. As in every un-armed protest across the West Bank, the IDF…

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  • West Bank protesters show solidarity with Gazans

    On Friday, the weekly demonstration in Kufr Qaddum was subject to successive volleys of tear gas attacks as the Israeli army entered the village. Several protesters were injured in the process, including one man who suffered a direct hit to the back of the head from a tear gas canister. He remains hospitalized. By Alon Aviram In light of the current situation in Gaza and the south of Israel, there was visibly a smaller presence of press at protest sites. Some activists had feared that this factor would invite the Israeli military to be more heavy handed in its policing.…

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  • WATCH: Demonstrators block settlement junction in protest against the occupation

    On Friday, Palestinians and internationals blocked the Gush Etzion junction in the southern West Bank, the central entry point leading to the Gush Etzion settlement bloc, halting traffic for 15 minutes. The action sought to highlight the restriction of movement experienced by Palestinians on a daily basis throughout the occupied Palestinian Territories. One activist was arrested. By Alon Aviram “I came to protest against settlement expansion and the occupation”, said Muhammad from Al-Masara village. He added, "this sort of demonstration can on a social level, encourage people of all backgrounds to protest against the occupation.” Gush Etzion has a population…

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  • 13 arrested, beaten during Kufr Qaddoum protest in West Bank

    By The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee Some two hundred and fifty residents of Kufr Qaddoum, joined by a handful of Israeli and international activists, protested in the village on Friday against the enclosure of the village and an ongoing land grab policy. The protest was launched in a cheerful march from the center of the village towards the main road, which was blocked by the army a few months ago. As protesters came close to the barrier, Israeli forces began shooting large quantities of tear-gas canisters, as well as rubber-coated bullets. After about half an hour of protest and without any…

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  • Britain & France lead European condemnation of Abdallah Abu Rahma’s sentencing

    After Amnesty International labeled Abdallah Abu Rahma a ‘prisoner of conscience’ on Wednesday, England and France have issued official statements of concern regarding  the hashing of Abdallah Abu Rahma’s sentence. EU diplomats fear that Abu Rahma’s sentence is a clear attempt by Israel to silence legitimate forms of unarmed protest by Palestinians in the West Bank. The French statement reads, France deplores the aggravation of the sentence handed down against Abdallah Abu Rahma during the appeal judgment delivered by an Israeli military court. Mr. Abu Rahma, a pacifist activist against the construction of the Separation Wall in the Palestinian village…

  • Portuguese Jewish history and night raids in Nabi Saleh

    For the second time this week, soldiers raided the village of Nabi Saleh. From the hours of 12:00 until 03:00 last night, soldiers raided eighteen houses in the village of Nabi Saleh. Soldiers, in full combat equipment, raided the houses in order to photograph people, mostly young men, and check ID cards. No arrests were made. However, the intentions of the army are clear. The pattern has been used many times in the past. The army raids a house in the middle of the night. Soldiers take a photograph of a 15 or 16 year-old child and match the photograph…

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  • Breaking: Abdallah Abu Rahmah to stay in jail as judge upholds state appeal

    The Ofer military court has accepted the military prosecution's appeal to harshen Abdallah Abu Rahmah's sentence to a total of 16 months. Abu Rahmah was supposed to be released on November 18th 2010, but was kept in detention by the military prosecution's request, despite having finished serving his term. He will now serve an additional 2-3 months in prison. With the death of Jawaher Abu Rahmah two weeks ago and continued jailing of Abdallah Abu Rahmah today, the State of Israel is showing the world exactly how it crushes nonviolent resistance in the West Bank with forces and a mockery of justice. After ordering to…

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  • Demonstrator suffers head injury from tear gas projectile in Nabi Saleh

    Army stops ambulance carrying injured demonstrators three times before letting it continue to a Ramallah hospital. Clashes between army and demonstrators continue into the night as the army used tear gas, rubber bullets, sound bombs and live ammunition while taking over civilian houses.   Before the weekly demonstration against the confiscation of village land, the Israeli army sealed off Nabi Saleh and began patrols in the village. As the peaceful march began the army responded with excessive tear gas. The demonstration then spread to various corners of the village as pockets of youth responded to the army’s violent incursion by…

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  • Sidetracked in the West Bank

    A couple of hours before Shabbat descended upon the rugged hills of the West Bank a group of Israelis were hiking in a small patch of trees near Ramalah. They hiked quickly and barely stopped to discuss the beauty of the surrounding nature. Occasionally, their unofficial leader (the one who know the trail) would stop and point out a beautiful vista or note how the hill tops formed perfect concentric circles.The smell of wild growing herbs filled their noses as they moved closer to their destination. They reached a road separating a small group of Palestinian tents and the village…

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