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war in gaza

  • Accusing Israel of ‘genocide’: Major fail

    And deservedly so, because it’s a false accusation. This is not how to fight the occupation, this is how to help strengthen it. Mahmoud Abbas’ speech last Friday at the United Nations General Assembly gave the highest-profile-ever exposure to the accusation, popular among anti-Zionists, that Israel practices “genocide” against the Palestinians, and that the war in Gaza was a genocidal one. That’s the highlight of the speech that was picked for the headline in any number of major international news outlets; in Israel the speech is already known, and will be forever, as Abbas’ “genocide speech.” That one word seems…

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  • Hoping for a quiet night during the new Gaza War

    First we get hit by Hurricane Sandy while on vacation in New York. Now this. But hey, nothin’ like a good 'ol war to fix that writer’s block. Gotta hand it to Bibi, I’m blogging once again. Thanks, Bibi! (Or wait, should I thank Hamas, too? Yeah... I should. And Barak. Oh, and Barack. Oh, and AIPAC. Almost forgot AIPAC... phew! Thanks AIPAC!) ----------------------------------------- I was just leaving work in Rehovot as my wife and kids had to run to the stairwell when the sirens in Bat Yam came on. When I got back, I realized that we are now…

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