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  • When the occupation dictates your life — and your funeral

    Long before he died in a work accident on an Israeli construction site, Muhamad Barghouth's life was dictated by the violent whims of military occupation.  By Aviv Tatarsky Last month, the grandson of a very close friend of mine was killed. Muhamad Bargouth, 22, whose grandfather I have grown close to in my many visits to the Palestinian village of Walajeh over the years, was killed in an accident at an Israeli construction site not all that far from his family home. Accidents can happen. But Muhamad's death was more than accident: his life was marked by the violence Israel's occupation visited…

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  • What Netanyahu's idea of peace looks like

    Although he may publicly reiterate his support for a two-state solution, Netanyahu's vision for a future Palestinian state is one that would lack nearly all sovereignty.  U.S. President Donald Trump said that he favors two states as a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, during a press conference alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York on Wednesday. [tmwinpost] In response to Trump's comments, which signaled a change from his previous stance, according to which he would back whichever solution Israelis and Palestinians support, Netanyahu told reporters that “Everyone defines the term ‘state’ differently. I am willing for the Palestinians to…

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  • Several wounded as Israel demolishes four homes in Walajeh

    The village, part of which was annexed to East Jerusalem but left on the West Bank side of the separation barrier, has over 50 pending demolition orders. Israel has not approved any building permits since 1967. By Aviv Tatarsky Israeli bulldozers demolished four homes in the Palestinian village of Walajeh early Monday morning. The homes are on the West Bank side of Israel’s separation barrier, but technically inside the boundaries of the Jerusalem municipality. Israeli forces wounded at least seven Palestinian residents resisting the demolitions. [tmwinpost] Israel annexed the northern part of Walajeh, which has around 100 homes, to Jerusalem…

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  • In one Palestinian village, the whole story of the occupation

    Encircled by the separation barrier, threatened with demolition orders, and deemed illegal aliens in their own homes, the residents of the Palestinian village of Walajeh are fighting for their lives. From the village of Walajeh, one can see much of Jerusalem. The round roof of Teddy Stadium, where the city’s soccer teams play. The towers of the Holyland luxury apartment complex, looming over the surrounding, low-slung buildings. The square, sandstone houses of the city’s southern neighborhoods. And from much of Jerusalem, one can see Walajeh. The deep green hills where the separation barrier — glinting razor wire and dull, grey concrete…

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  • Israel expropriated a Palestinian spring. Why? Because it can.

    The residents of Walajeh, who have long suffered abuses under occupation, will no longer have access to their spring.  By Laura Wharton The smiles in the picture above represent the cynical face of the occupation. There are a number of male officials in the picture, and very few women, standing and smiling next to the Ein Hiniyeh spring, marking its re-opening, as well as that of a nearby archeological site to the public. “This site will allow tourists and residents from Jerusalem and beyond to enjoy a beautiful area with a unique view in the hills of Jerusalem for free,” announced Minister of Environmental Protection…

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  • In Walajeh, Palestinian residents mobilize against Israeli demolitions

    Villagers temporarily stopped one round of demolitions earlier this month by blocking bulldozers from entering the village, but local activists expect the demolitions will eventually take place. Photos & text by: Ahmad Al-Bazz / Dozens of Palestinian residents of Walajeh, a Palestinian village nestled between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, demonstrated last Friday against the planned demolition of 14 structures by Israeli authorities. According to the demolition notices, the structures were built without the necessary permits. The villagers were first informed of the imminent demolitions on August 2, after which they declared they would resist any attempt to implement the orders.…

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