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voter participation

  • 'Israel Hayom' and Netanyahu's shared fear of Arab voters

    The prime minister's gravest allegation against those working against his re-election is that they are trying to raise voter participation among Arab citizens of Israel. 'Israel Hayom,' meanwhile, has decided that Arab voters' opinions just don't count. By Oren Persico “Millions of shekels from overseas — to raise voter participation for the Left and the Arabs,” was the main headline last week on Israel Hayom, the newspaper funded by millions of shekels from overseas. The headline was a quote from an interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the newspaper's edition that day. [tmwinpost] Not the danger of Iranian nuclear proliferation,…

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  • [Vid] Street Talk: Things are bad, but still voting Bibi

    Why do people continue to vote for parties that work against their interests and persistently disappoint? What are the voting patterns in the Israeli public? A street survey of voters and a conversation with sociologist Jessica Nevo. Related: What do you call a politician who promises more war? Don't call her the 'Russian candidate': Meet Ksenia Svetlova Why Mizrahim don't vote for the Left

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