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voter intimidation

  • Why Israelis are going to the polls for a second time this year

    Five things you should know about the second Israeli national elections in six months. By +972 Magazine Staff How do Israeli elections work? Israel is a multi-party system, which means several parties will be competing for citizens’ votes come Election Day. There are 5.8 million Israeli citizens who are eligible to vote this time. Of the 6,463,000 Palestinians who live under Israeli control, only 24 percent are defined as citizens with the right to vote. The rest are completely disenfranchised. [tmwinpost] A party must pass the 3.25 percent electoral threshold to be a part of the parliament. Since Israeli elections are based…

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  • PODCAST: Will Netanyahu's attempt to suppress the Palestinian vote backfire?

    In the lead up to the Sept. 17 elections, Benjamin Netanyahu has escalated his racist incitement against Palestinians. The +972 Podcast talks to Adalah's Sawsan Zaher about how these attacks are affecting Palestinian voters. Listen here: iTunes/Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Spotify Facebook temporarily suspended Benjamin Netanyahu’s official Facebook page Thursday after followers received a message calling on voters to prevent the establishment of a government with Arabs “who want to annihilate us all.” Netanyahu said the message was a staffer's mistake, but as the country prepares for a second national election in the span of six months, he has intensified his racist incitement against Palestinian citizens…

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  • How the rising power of the Arab electorate is thwarting Netanyahu

    The prime minister didn't reckon with the rising power of the Arab electorate. For the first time, he's seeing his anti-Arab incitement stymied by old-fashioned realpolitik. By Meron Rapoport Netanyahu probably did not really believe he would be allowed to pass into law a bill permitting camera surveillance in polling stations on Election Day — not with Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit's objection on record and the High Court all-but certain to strike it down. The surprise is that the government-supported bill never made it past committee to a first vote in the Knesset. [tmwinpost] Netanyahu’s new campaign tactic is to claim that Palestinian citizens are “stealing”…

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  • Israeli elections c'tee hasn't taken any steps to stop Arab voter intimidation

    Four months after the ruling Likud party led a voter intimidation campaign against Palestinian voters, the government body responsible for ensuring free and fair elections says it hasn't made any changes to its process. With just a few weeks before Israeli citizens head back to the polls for the second time this year, the government body responsible for supervising and regulating elections in Israel said it has not drawn any lessons and has not implemented any changes to prevent the repeat of a voter intimidation campaign that targeted Arab Palestinian voters in early 2019. [tmwinpost] On April 9, 2019, Election Day, a settler-aligned…

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