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  • On small parties and strategic voting: Burn your vote

    While arguments against voting for smaller parties that are unlikely to cross the minimum threshold tend to be erroneous, don’t fall into the trap of thinking your vote actually determines what happens here over the next four years – for that you need a different type of democracy. By Tomer Zeigerman In the unappealing lineup of political parties competing in today's elections, Da’am stands out as a genuine alternative, a promise for Arab Jewish cooperation that is more than just lip service. Yet the party received only 2,645 votes in the last elections and despite an apparent surge in its…

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  • An Israeli chooses to share his privilege of voting

    An Israeli university student discusses the process that led him to give his vote to a Palestinian friend without one. By Liel Maghen As an Israel citizen and believer democracy, I have always cherished my ability to vote. Through last three elections, I have implemented this right with an authentic belief that using it is my responsibility as a citizen and that it has a real effect on my daily life. However, since the last election, I have learned that the right to vote is not a basic right in my country, but a privilege dependent on geography and ethnicity.…

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  • The myth of the wasted Israeli vote - and the alternative

    As Israeli elections approach, are you considering voting for a party you don’t really like, merely to prevent Bibi-Lieberman from winning? Here is a piece from a friend active with the Da’am Workers Party on the importance of voting not just for the lesser evil, but for a party that offers a real alternative to exclusive nationalism and unbridled capitalism. By Yonatan Preminger By tactical voting to block the worst candidate, Israel’s left wing perpetuates the status quo. In order to enter the Knesset, a political party must garner a minimum percentage of votes (currently 2%), but our reluctance to support…

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