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violent resistance

  • +972's Story of the Year: Gaza

    Most of us have become so accustomed to Gaza’s suffering that we can hardly imagine a world without it. But imagine we must. During the fighting this summer, and in its aftermath, many believed the war would be a game-changer, that something would have to give — it hasn't. Activists, intellectuals and diplomats continue to advocate, but what about the Gazans themselves? Beyond violence, what is their role in ending the siege and attaining freedom? Samer Badawi tackles the questions — and the answers — left buried in the rubble. By Samer Badawi This is the first time that +972 is highlighting a…

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  • Interview with Leila Khaled: 'BDS is effective, but it doesn't liberate land'

    PFLP hijacker Leila Khaled talks about the acts that made her a household name, the current states of resistance, feminism and religious coercion in Palestinian society, and gives a new take on long-buried tales of assassinations and betrayal within the ranks of the PFLP. By Paula Schmitt By the time she was 28, Leila Khaled had already hijacked two planes and held dozens of passengers hostage. Her image appeared on the covers of news magazines, her face was plastered on the walls of student dorms; she become a pop phenomenon, and an inspiration for TV and film characters. A few…

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  • Rhetoric, reality and Twitter in the West Bank

    Twitter is changing the nature of breaking news from West Bank demonstrations. It is exposing Israel’s heavy handed crowd control methods which often break the army’s own internal codes of conduct. Naturally, some so called ‘supporters of Israel’ are having a hard time rationalizing Israel’s behaviour, therefore attacking Twitter users as biased, misinformed or even outright liars. As I was standing amidst the chaos yesterday at the Qalandia checkpoint -- the site of a demonstration marking the anniversary of the 1967 war -- I reported on Twitter what I saw. The demonstration started off peacefully and then the army attacked…

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