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violation of international law

  • With Trump's help, Netanyahu is making the occupation permanent

    Netanyahu may have succeeded in convincing Israelis that facts on the ground can defeat Palestinian national aspirations. He forgot to tell them that holding millions under endless occupation is unsustainable. By Susie Becher Regardless of whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes good on his promise to annex areas of the West Bank during his new term in office, the very fact that he made such a statement is damaging. Together with his friend in the White House, Netanyahu has been slowly whittling away at the principles that are internationally recognized as the basis for any Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. By uttering the word "annexation," he has…

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  • The Holot detention facility was a moral failure from day one

    Holot was meant to hide the fact that the State of Israel sees African asylum seekers as enemies, as a demographic threat, as a foreign body to be expelled at any cost. It is expected to close in the coming months.  By Omri Du-nour The Israeli government’s recent decision to close the Holot detention center in the next few months should not surprise anyone who has followed the country's treatment of the African asylum seekers. Holot, built by exploiting a loophole in the law, was always under threat of closure, it’s legal status murky from the beginning. [tmwinpost] Moreover, Holot exemplifies…

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