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Viktor Orban

  • Netanyahu's embrace of far-right leaders leaves Jews vulnerable to anti-Semitism

    By aligning himself with nationalist leaders who foster white supremacy, Netanyahu has abandoned world Jewry in a bid to bolster his own nationalist machinations. By Rachel Shenhav-Goldberg For some years now, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been forming close diplomatic relations with far-right nationalist world leaders. This alignment might promote Netanyahu’s plan to strengthen Jewish nationalism in Israel, but it concomitantly weakens diaspora Jews and makes them more vulnerable to anti-Semitism and hate crimes in their own countries. [tmwinpost] Over the last five decades, anti-Semitism was in decline, particularly in the United States. Jews in the United States occupy…

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  • No Bolsonaro, visiting Yad Vashem doesn't make you a 'friend of the Jews'

    Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro's visit to Israel this week is just the latest step in Netanyahu's warming relations with a new cadre of authoritarian leaders.  By Sergio Storch Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s four-day visit to Israel demonstrates just how important the South American country has become to Netanyahu over the past few years. [tmwinpost] The trip includes a visit to Yad Vashem, Israel’s renowned Holocaust museum, which commemorates one of the worst tragedies in history and sets out to ensure that genocide remains a thing of the past. For many, Yad Vashem serves as an inspiring example of how crucial collective…

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  • The rise of the global far-right could energize the anti-occupation movement

    The warm relations between Israel and a new crop of anti-democratic leaders are tragic, but they also expose the true nature of Israel’s relationship to the Palestinians. By Eli Bitan Only hours after Jair Bolsonaro was elected president of Brazil last Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to phone the extreme-right candidate. Netanyahu accepted Bolsonaro’s invitation to Brazil, inviting the president-elect to Jerusalem, after the latter declared his intention to move the Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem. [tmwinpost] Bolsonaro is a vulgar and violent man. His aggressive remarks leave no doubt regarding the kind of policies he plans on enacting. He also wholeheartedly supports Israel and its…

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  • I wish we could mourn Pittsburgh as one Jewish people — but we can't

    I keep hoping that our Jewish leaders will take one moment to do what they say they are here to do: defend Jewish lives when we are under attack. But they haven’t. By Simone Zimmerman I want to mourn with my people. [tmwinpost] I want to mourn with all of my beloved Jewish people in Pittsburgh and around the world who are reeling from the sight of 11 Jews gunned down during Shabbat morning services. Eleven Jews who were beloved grandparents, friends, siblings, community members. The ones who always showed up to synagogue on time, and who lost their lives…

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  • Trump's veiled anti-Semitism comes home to roost in Pittsburgh

    Trump is well aware of how white supremacists and others interpret his remarks. What makes it so sinister is that he keeps doing it anyway. Six-hundred and forty-four days after President Donald Trump was sworn into office, the anti-Semitism his candidacy and presidency have unleashed has come home to roost. [tmwinpost] Details will continue to emerge about Robert Bowers, the far-right white nationalist who on Saturday morning walked into the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, armed with an AR-15 assault rifle and three handguns, and opened fire, killing 11 and wounding six others. The oldest victim was 97 years old.…

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  • Tapping the 'hidden spring' of anti-Semitism in Orban's Hungary

    BUDAPEST, Hungary — In Hungarian, there is an expression that anti-Semitism is like a hidden spring, often imperceptible yet omnipresent, a source that can be tapped by demagogues, polemicists, and politicians. It is a dangerous source, Adam Schönberger explains, for when it is tapped, it can cause a flood. Schönberger is a veteran Hungarian activist and co-founder of Aurora, a café and community center operated by Marom, a Jewish youth-group that he also directs. When we meet there on a Monday evening in late August, Aurora, located in Budapest’s Eighth District, is buzzing. Opposition activists type away on laptops in…

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  • 'A danger to humanity': Activists block Hungarian PM's convoy at Yad Vashem

    Dozens of demonstrators, including Holocaust survivors and descendants of survivors, block Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's convoy outside Israeli Holocaust museum. 'He is a danger to humanity.' By Oren Ziv Dozens of demonstrators blocked Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's motorcade as he left Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust museum, in Jerusalem Thursday, as part of his official visit to the country. The demonstrators were protesting Orbán's anti-Semitism, as well as his iron-fisted policies toward asylum seekers in his country. [tmwinpost] The demonstrators held signs in both Hebrew and Hungarian and yelled the word "shame" while blocking the convoy as it tried to leave the museum. Within minutes the crowd…

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