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  • The quieter, more dangerous boycott

    Three recent divestment cases indicate that even when there are no flashy headlines, maybe especially so, boycott and divestment efforts can have a major impact where it hurts. The largest supermarket chain in Luxembourg, Cactus, may be considering taking Israeli produce off its shelves unless suppliers can prove they do not come from occupied territory, Israeli news site Ynet reported this week. If the chain follows through, this would be the latest in a number of related incidents that show European companies' growing discomfort with contracts, holdings and investments in Israel. The discomfort appears rooted not in ideology or politics, but in…

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  • Jerusalem's light rail: Judaizing and privatizing public space

    Activists disrupt the operation of the Jerusalem Light Rail to protest the deal with the operating company, which effectively bans public gatherings in Zion Square in the heart of West Jerusalem.  By Sahar Vardi A few hundred Israelis attempted to reclaim their public space in Jerusalem on Saturday evening. Over a month ago, as Israel's social justice movement, widely known as "J14", was gearing up to renew its regular demonstrations, a request was submitted to the Jerusalem police for a permit to hold a demonstration in Zion Square. This is the main square in the heart of West Jerusalem's city…

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