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  • +972's Editor's Picks of 2013

    As 2013 comes to a close, +972 Magazine's editors and bloggers took time to look back at the year that was, and share the articles that most resonated with them - in no particular order. 'They're all named Mohammad nowadays' In one of the most heartfelt posts of the year, Mya Guarnieri describes the difficulties of confronting discrimination, identity politics and occupation while searching for an apartment in Bethlehem. Read the article here. 'I am pro-Israel too': Reflections on +972's use of the term When some +972 writers used ‘pro-Israel’ to negatively describe right-wing politicians and activists, Dahlia Scheindlin stood up,…

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  • U.S. elections: No endorsement

    President Obama's record on the Palestinian issue is so bad that the winner of the upcoming elections is irrelevant. Four years ago, I traveled to the United States to cover the Democratic and Republican conventions. It was an inspiring experience, largely due to the unique feelings that accompanied the candidacy of (now) president Obama. Judging from afar, it seems that much of this excitement is gone, and the current elections are a frustrating and rather cynical experience. Still, if I were an American living in the U.S., I probably would have voted for President Obama for many reasons – from…

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  • Boycotting oneself: Washington, Jerusalem on dead end road

    America's war on the world continues: After threatening to cut funds from the United Nations if the organization promotes the Palestinian delegation's status, the State Department decided to freeze its support for the Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization of the United Nation (UNESCO) because the latter defied Washington's order and accepted Palestine as a member state. Israel has added a threat of its own – to completely withdraw from UNESCO. In recent years Israel took pride in the fact that UNESCO recognized World Heritage Sites within its borders – Tel Aviv's white city being one of the latest additions –…

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  • What's the mysterious story behind the Ofer Brothers' "Iran-gate"?

    The controversy surrounding business ties of shipping companies owned by Israeli tycoons to Iran took a surprising turn in the Knesset today, leading to a torrent of security-oriented rumors and hints of covert operations this post was updated. It's been several days that the Israeli media is revealing information regarding alleged violations of the economical boycott on Iran by Israel's richest business tycoons, Sammi and Yuli Ofer. The affair, which was first covered by the business sections of the papers, has come to dominate the news cycle in the last 24 hours, following a bizarre chain of events. The Ofer…

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  • Jerusalem-born US citizen cannot list "Israel" as birthplace

    Battle between Congress and the President over status of Jerusalem will go to Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Netanyahu called off Israeli plans to build more homes in East Jerusalem ahead of a trip to Washington. Haaretz is reporting that a boy named Menachem Zivotovsky who was born to American parents (who moved to Israel) in a Jerusalem hospital in 2002 was denied having "Israel" listed as his birthplace in his US passport by a federal court in Washington. Thus far, only the "Jerusalem" was listed as his birthplace, since the US State Department has a "neutral" policy in Jerusalem…

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