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us-mexico border

  • How nationalism takes shape on Israeli and U.S. borders

    Americans and Israelis need to resist not only border walls, but also the sentiments and systems that make them possible. By Nadia Naser-Najjab In promising to build a new wall along the American border with Mexico, U.S. President Donald Trump has openly sought to mine the deep racism and chauvinism that runs through parts of American society. Although it has been justified in practical terms, the wall has a particular symbolic significance: it renders a country increasingly unsure of itself and its place in the world, shaken as much by its own contradictions as by an external threat. [tmwinpost] Given that…

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  • Netanyahu’s wall isn’t about immigration — it’s about race

    Netanyahu's recent boast that he has stopped all illegal immigration to Israel isn't quite true: his southern border wall is only aimed at preventing black people from entering Israel irregularly. By Asaf Calderon The United States is on fire. After two weeks in office, President Donald Trump has already managed to sign a series of Executive Orders that have sparked massive protests. Chief among them are the new ban on immigration into the U.S. from Muslim-majority countries and the order to begin construction of the long-promised “giant wall” on the border with Mexico. While thousands of Americans flooded to protest at…

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