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US elections

  • Lessons from Israel on how to build resistance in the U.S.

    American liberals in despair over the presidential election would do well to look at Israel, where setbacks at the ballot box brought left-wingers together and drove them to think bigger. By Matt Duss and Dahlia Scheindlin As the initial shock of the presidential election fades, American progressives are left struggling with disturbing implications beyond the mere fact of being on the losing side. We ponder the apparent declaration that America rejects its religious and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ community, the immigrants who have made this country great, its independent women, and even its equality-supporting men. What looked like a historic march toward…

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  • Trump is reaching into Netanyahu’s election playbook

    From race baiting to fear mongering to warning of liberal media conspiracies against him, the Republican presidential candidate is doing exactly what Netanyahu did to get re-elected. But the Israeli prime minister had something Trump doesn't. There is a lot about Donald Trump’s presidential campaign that is worryingly reminiscent of Benjamin Netanyahu’s electoral antics, particularly his willingness to say just about anything, regardless of the consequences as long as he thinks it might be politically expedient. Beyond style and personality, however, the tactical similarities in their respective campaigns’ final stretches are even more disturbing. In particular, Trump’s recent, wildly unspecified warnings…

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  • Why did Ron Dermer decide to leave PM Netanyahu's office?

    Maariv daily paper reported last week that Ron Dermer, Netanyahu's American aid, is leaving the Prime Minister's Office. The story cited family reasons - a standard in such cases - and Netanyahu has refused to comment on the issue to follow-up pieces in the Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel. Personal changes between governments are not that unique, but Dermer's case is special. He was the neocon ambassador in Netanyahu's office (or vice versa). The Israeli media has put some of the blame for Netanyahu's support in Mitt Romney - now widely considered a diplomatic fiasco - on Dermer (in an interview to Yedioth…

  • 'Pro-Israel' figures who rebuked Obama now endorse him for president

    While happy to harp on U.S. President Obama at every opportunity if he veers from their demand for unconditional support for Israel, when it comes to U.S. elections, prominent "pro-Israel" American Jews prefer him to Romney because when it comes to everything else, Obama is more in line with their liberal ideals. With the U.S. election only 3 days away, a variety of high-profile American Jewish "pro-Israel" figures who have previously lambasted President Obama decided to come out publicly in support of his candidacy for a second term. Last week, former New York Mayor Ed Koch officially backed President Obama for…

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  • Exit poll: 80,000 Americans in Israel voted, 85% for Romney, 14% for Obama

    According to an iVoteIsrael exit poll, half of the 160,000 eligible U.S. voters living in Israel voted absentee, of which an overwhelming majority selected Republican candidate Mitt Romney. That reportedly includes 7,500 registered in the swing state of Florida. iVoteIsrael - the campaign that has worked hard to get American citizens living in Israel to vote absentee in next week's U.S. presidential elections (and which I have been covering here since June and exposed to be a partisan, right-wing, anti-Obama initiative) - held a press conference Thursday afternoon in Jerusalem to announce the results of what they claim is the biggest exit poll of its kind ever conducted…

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  • 'Non-partisan' campaign urging Americans in Israel to vote linked to the right

    Last week, I published an in-depth report in the Daily Beast exposing the pro-Republican partisanship of a non-profit initiative urging American citizens in Israel to vote in the upcoming U.S. elections. The "iVoteIsrael" campaign - which I have been following and reporting on here since June - persistently maintains it is a get-out-the-vote drive with no bent or agenda. However its character, messaging and backing all clearly point to a right-wing effort aimed at swinging the election in Mitt Romney's favor. Just yesterday, another piece of the puzzle was exposed when a report by the American Sunlight Foundation found that the campaign…

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  • Jewish Democrats use rightist tactics to attack Romney on Israel

    Missing some facts and leaving all shame behind it, the NJDC takes issue with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for her alleged support of Palestinians' civil rights, and with President George W. Bush for brokering a cease fire between Israel and Hezbollah. U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's visit to Israel next week marks the official opening of the Israel season in the presidential elections. Sheldon Adelson, the global sponsor of the Republikud party, already financed an ad attacking president Obama for his poor Israel record (i.e., doing what both previous presidents did, but giving the IDF more guns than…

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  • Ad urging Americans in Israel to vote: 'Want a Palestinian state?'

    Last week I posted an article about a new campaign launched to get American citizens in Israel to vote in the upcoming 2012 presidential election. While the "iVoteIsrael" campaign claims to be non-partisan, its rhetoric and indication by its campaign manager that its donors are Sheldon Adelson types made me suspicious of a certain slant. Then I noticed this ad featured quite prominently on my Facebook page:     Hmm...asking whether I "want" a Palestinian state and then informing me that the next U.S. president will affect my future in Israel.  I clicked on the ad, and lo and behold:  …

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  • Campaign urges Americans in Israel to vote in U.S. election

    A new initiative to get Americans citizens living in Israel to vote in the upcoming presidential election claims it is not advocating a specific candidate. However, its strategic campaign manager admitted it is funded by the "Adelsons" of the philanthropic world. I recently came across an ad online seeking volunteers for something called the "iVoteIsrael Campaign." The link was to a very polished website that encourages Americans living in Israel to vote in the upcoming U.S. election on November 6, 2012. We are a diverse group of Olim, recent-arrivals as well as vatikim from all over the country who are deeply…

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