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  • Poll: Netanyahu's approval goes up 13 points following US visit

    Support for a two-state solution based on 67' borders is likely to decline in the near future A new poll by Haaretz shows a bump of no less than 13 percents in Prime Minister Netanyahu's numbers following his visit to the US, in which he expressed his opposition to a return to the 1967 borders and  for a compromise in Jerusalem. 47 percent of the public see the trip as a success, and 51 percent of Israelis are currently satisfied with their Prime Minister. A Maariv poll published yesterday saw a rise in the Knesset seats of Netanyahu's Likud party,…

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  • How strong is the Israel lobby in Washington?

    Former U.S. ambassador Chas Freeman spoke yesterday at the Palestine Center for the annual Sharabi lecture at the Palestine Center. Follow the link to view his excellent discussion. The shocking piece of the speech was picked up by Paul Woodward and Phil Weiss, In late November 1988, shortly after the election of George H. W. Bush as president, I was invited to lunch by a senior Israeli official with whom, in pursuance of U.S. policy, I [as deputy assistant secretary of State for African affairs] had worked closely to expand Israel’s diplomatic and military presence in Africa.  I had come…

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