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uri sagi

  • Yet another IDF Spokesman lie

    An IDF Spokesman officer tries to mislead the public on the issue of freedom of assembly in the West Bank “The IDF Spokesman is lying, as usual” – these immortal words were not uttered by yours truly or any other backstabbing, well-poisoning and self-hating leftist, but rather by Major General (Aluf) Uri Sagi. And as a rule, Sagi is right on the money. We had another one today: Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich (you may remember her from that classic piece of reasoning, “They had AK-47s, ergo they came from Gaza”) wrote on Twitter that “Today- legal march for human rights…

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  • The IDF spokesman's war on freedom of the press

    Following an 1992 IDF military training debacle known as the Zeelim B scandal, an Israeli general named Uri Sagi, then serving as chief of AMAN (military intelligence), was interviewed for the domestic media. During the interview, the journalist noted that the IDF Spokesman gave a version of events that directly contradicted Sagi’s. The general, always noted for his bluntness, fired back immediately: “The IDF Spokesman lies, as usual." We had another demonstration of the Spokesman's economical use of the truth on Tuesday. Our brave gunmen took over the Irene, a ship carrying nine peace activists to Gaza, in yet another…

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