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Upper Nazareth

  • Mixed Arab-Jewish cities in Israel: not separate and not equal

    10 percent of the Palestinian-Israelis live in what we like to call mixed cities. What do we know about their reality and how is it different, if at all, from the reality of the Palestinian-Israeli villages and cities? By Issa Edward Boursheh The Central Bureau of Statistics defines the following cities as mixed cities in Israel: Acre (27.2% Palestinian-Israelis), Lid/Lod (24.4%), Ramleh/Ramla (22.5%), Haifa (10%), Jaffa (31.2%), Nazareth-Illit/Upper Nazareth (14.5%) and Ma’alot-Tarshiha (22.1%). Aside from Nazareth-Illit and Tarshiha-Ma’alot, the current reality in these cities is the direct outcome of the 1948 war and the collapse of the urban life of…

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