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  • How ICC membership could revive Palestinian statehood at the UN

    Could a shift in U.S.-Israeli relations lay the groundwork for bolder legal and diplomatic moves in the international arena against Israel and the occupation? By Lolita Brayman Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s election success is being portrayed by some as a victory for the international aspects of the Palestinian cause. For months, Palestinians have been trying to leverage Europe’s frustration with Israeli actions and now the United States might be having second thoughts about wielding its almighty UN Security Council veto. There is a global consensus for a two-state solution today. So when Netanyahu publicly abandoned his commitment to negotiating the…

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  • Security Council's election message to Israelis: Keep ignoring the occupation

    Israel and Washington together blocked a UN Security Council resolution calling for the implementation of a negotiated two-state solution within a year. Abbas's diplomatic efforts have hit a brick wall. The Israeli government came out with the upper hand yesterday at the United Nations Security Council: a joint effort by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry managed to gather enough votes to block a Palestinian resolution calling for a negotiated two-state solution and an end to the occupation within a year (full text here). Jordan submitted the proposed resolution on behalf of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.…

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  • Who says Palestinians don’t have a vote in Israeli elections?

    By warning that a Palestinian UN resolution might strengthen Netanyahu, Kerry is actually suggesting that Palestinians can influence Israeli elections — just not in the direction Washington was hoping for. The United States is trying to scuttle UN Security Council resolutions seeking an end to the occupation under the pretense that it could strengthen right-wing political parties in Israel’s upcoming elections, according to a report in Foreign Policy on Friday. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told a gathering of European diplomats that Tzipi Livni — who recently departed the far-right Netanyahu government to join forces with the centrist Labor…

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  • Palestinian president outlines political identity of new Palestinian state

    By presenting strategically calculated messages for all relevant audiences, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas used yesterday's speech to outline the identity of the new Palestinian state he is to seek at the UN. This post has been updated, 19 September, 2011 When Palestinian President and Chairman of PLO Mahmoud Abbas ended his speech on Friday to an audience of Palestinian dignitaries by stating that he was going to the present the Palestinian statehood bid to the United Nations Security Council, he received a heartfelt standing ovation. Yet going to the UNSC might be the biggest gambit yet in the whole diplomatic game…

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  • It’s official: America’s role in the Mideast is over

    The latest U.S. veto - the first of the Obama administration - proves that the U.S. is incapable of bringing peace to this region They’re not “illegal”. They’re “illegitimate”. That’s the excuse that the world’s most powerful nation, a beacon of freedom and democracy, came up with to explain why it vetoed a UNSC resolution calling Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal. That’s the best they had. All the President’s men, all the President’s speech writers, all the President’s media strategists - they all worked for days on end on that one. And that’s the ingenious combination of letters…

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  • Thank You, Mr. President

    Following the United States' veto of a United Nation Security Council resolution condemning Israel's settlement activities By Jerry Haber Thank you, Mr. President, for vetoing the UN Security Counsel Resolution condemning the Israeli settlements as illegal. Thank you for making America the only country in the world to support Israel on this matter. Thank you for contradicting long-standing US policy on the settlements. Thank you for not abstaining on this vote – which is what the US has done in the past. Thank you for talking the talk on settlements but not walking the walk. Thank you for allowing Israel to…

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