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UN Partition Plan

  • Why Africa won't embrace Netanyahu

    No matter how many technological advancements or solutions to terrorism he offers, Netanyahu won't be able to convince African states to love Israel before the occupation comes to an end. By Ilan Baruch Spokespersons for the Israeli government have recently decided to define Israel's diplomatic ties with Africa as a strategic goal. During his visit to the continent in July, the Prime Minister's Office told the media that it hopes the African Union, based in Addis Ababa, will renew Israel's status as observer. Ethiopia's prime minister even went so far as to say that "Israel is working hard in many countries…

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  • Goodbye status quo: Israel's impending moment of truth

    There are no guarantees that the near future will herald freedom for Israel/Palestine. It will, however, shatter the perception of comfort that has paralyzed Israel since the beginning of the millennium. By Ran Greenstein When we look at the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a curious pattern can be detected. Every 20 or 30 years a major turning point is reached. This happens in part due to pure coincidence, and in part due to natural processes involving generational change, which takes two or three decades to mature. The cycle started in 1897 with the foundation of the Zionist movement, which…

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  • The Nakba: Addressing Israeli arrogance

    For Israelis wishing to participate in a common struggle, relieving ourselves of our ignorance and arrogance should be the top priority. Not for the sake of Palestinians – for our own sake, to restore our own humanity. By Tom Pessah About a decade ago, when I was studying for my first degree at Tel Aviv University, I went to a weekend retreat organized by Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam to meet Palestinian students from the West Bank. The retreat took place at a location near Bethlehem that was relatively accessible for the Palestinians, but they still had to pass through checkpoints, some…

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  • E1 doesn't matter: One-state reality is here

    Those who think that E1 is the nail in the coffin of the two-state 'solution' are willfully blind to the fact that a one-state outcome is already on the ground and that the Zionist militias started building it before there ever was an Israel. I know this is a little late. The big brouhaha about E1 was, what, a few weeks ago? I wasn’t paying that much attention because, as someone who spends a lot of time traveling between Jerusalem and the West Bank--and noticing the one unequal state already on the ground--I didn't quite get the fuss about E1.…

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  • Israel reenacts 'Zionist triumph' of 1948 Palestine partition plan

    Today, exactly 64 years ago, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 181 to end the British Mandate in Palestine and partition the territory, giving international legitimacy to the establishment of a Jewish nation-state somewhere in Palestine, as well as the notion of two states for two distinct nationalist identities, one Jewish and one Arab, with Jerusalem to be placed under international administration. In honor of this anniversary, the World Zionist Organization decided to hold a celebratory "reenactment" of the day today at 1:30pm in front of the Jewish Agency building in central Jerusalem, in order to "recreate the joy…

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