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umm al kheir

  • Israeli army arrests 17 activists, two journalists in South Hebron Hills

    Hundreds of Palestinian, Israeli and international activists partnered together to repair a central access road in the South Hebron Hills. Israeli soldiers then declared the area a closed military zone, forcibly dispersing volunteers. By Arianna Skibell The Israeli army assaulted and forcibly arrested 17 people Friday after a group of more than 125 Palestinian, Israeli and international activists tried to repair a road in the West Bank. The road serves as the most direct access point for a small cluster of Palestinian villages that sit in the valley between two hilltop settlements in the South Hebron Hills. [tmwinpost] Among those arrested were three Palestinian…

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  • My village is under threat. I'm not giving up hope

    The residents of Umm al-Khair have been robbed of humanity and justice. We have the right to live without the constant threat of demolition, to have enough clean water, and to live without fear. By Awdah al-Hathalean My name is Awdah Mohammed al-Hathalean. I'm 23 years old and I live in Umm al-Khair, a village in the South Hebron Hills of the West Bank. My story is bittersweet. When I was seven months old, I fell into a fire in my home, and my father was not able to move fast enough to rescue me because of his disability. After that I had…

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  • Pushing Palestinians off their land — by pumping sewage onto it

    Not content with ongoing demolitions in Umm al-Kheir and the destruction of its taboun, settlers in nearby Carmel have resorted to piping their waste onto the land belonging to the village. By Yossi Gurvitz, for Yesh Din The usual problem with reporting on what happens in the West Bank is lens width, an essential physical problem: you want to focus on the details, and hence need to narrow the lens. Yet the details themselves are part of a greater picture, demanding a wider lens. [tmwinpost] On the face of it, what happened in Umm al-Kheir in the south Hebron Hills in December…

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  • MK on settler outposts: No civilized country demolishes homes

    As illegal settler outposts in the West Bank continue to circumvent law and only expand, Palestinian homes that have been around for decades longer are demolished over and over again.  This week, national-religious MK Zevulun Orlev (Habayit Hayehudi) was interviewed on an Israeli news show called London & Kirschenbaum about his proposal for a bill to legalize illegal settler outposts in the West Bank (yes, you read correctly -  to make legal what is illegal). The private bill, which has been tabled due to the Prime Minister's objection, would bar the state from demolishing and evacuating settler outposts in the West…

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  • Demolitions in W. Bank villages reflect settlement upsurge

    On Monday, January 9, Israeli authorities shut down "the only road leading to Khan al Ahmar elementary school," the Palestinian news agency WAFA reports. The move came a day after Israel issued a number of stop-work orders in Umm al Kheir.  Both Khan al Ahmar and Umm al Kheir are Bedouin villages located in the southern West Bank, in Israeli-controlled Area C. Israeli authortities blocked the road leading to Khan al Ahmar's school on Monday with massive cement blocks and a high fence in order to keep children from reaching it. According to WAFA, the Palestinian Ministry of Education "condemned the closure."…

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