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Tzipi Hotobely

  • Israeli government willingly lays foundations for Jewish terrorism

    When the pogromchiks from Jerusalem go to court, they'll have a strong case, saying they only did what was expected of them. Israel officially condemned last week the fact Jewish terrorists attacked a Palestinian vehicle with Molotov cocktails, wounding six of its passengers. Prime Minister Netanyahu quickly had an envoy call Palestinian President Abbas, and promised him Israel would put those responsible on trial. If Abbas is buying this, given Israel's record regarding the price-taggers, then I have some juicy bridges to sell him at very reasonable prices. This attack took place on Thursday afternoon. Several hours later, a gang of…

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  • The one-state solution: An option that should be taken off the table

    “Right there, beyond those trees, is the Green Line,” our tour guide said, as he pointed to a valley on our right. I was a junior-high student in Haifa, and we were on a field trip on the way to Jerusalem. As our old bus slowly crawled up one of the roads winding through the foothills of Judea, I looked outside the window to where our guide directed us.I was looking exactly where he pointed, and I indeed saw trees - but nothing else. There was no border, no fence. I remember being very puzzled by this. Even back then…

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