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Turkel Committee

  • A pre-publication breakdown of Im Tirzu's latest 'report'

    Im Tirtzu is about to publish a new 'report.' It’s already on the Internet, but they haven’t yet started publicizing it, so get ready to read about it here for the first time. Let’s start with the only new and refreshing aspect of this report. This is the first time that anyone has issued a report in the format of a children’s book. I want to congratulate Im Tirtzu for this stylistic breakthrough, and to congratulate them on their new graphic artist. However, other than this stylistic innovation, the report is regrettably a pack of lies and mostly a recycling…

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  • The Turkel Committee report: Better late than never

    The Turkel Committee seems to be quietly telling the government, 'We've let it slide, this time, but goddamit, you shouldn't expect such a miracle next time. Here's a bunch of recommendations you'd better implement if you want a chance, should you find yourself in front of a real committee.' By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz There's reason to welcome the second part of the Turkel Committee's report – you remember the Turkel Committee, the one created to investigate the killing on the Mavi Marmara in May 2010. Well, almost three years after the event, the Committee published the second…

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  • Legal panel: IDF doesn't follow own procedures regarding Palestinian civilian casualties

    The Turkel Committee, appointed following the deadly raid on the Mavi Marmara, determined that the IDF didn’t follow its own procedures in cases of Palestinian civilian casualties. However, the committee also believes that the IDF should continue to be the one probing its own actions. The Turkel Committee, which was appointed to examine the events surrounding the deadly IDF raid on the Mavi Marmara in 2010 has submitted the second part of its report yesterday. The committee declared that the IDF is capable of investigating alleged crimes perpetrated by soldiers (and policemen under army supervision), but had some major recommendations…

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  • Chief Flotilla raid investigator gives Israel advice on Hasbara

    The leader of the flotilla incident investigation committee castigates government, media – and exposes his committee as a sham Former Supreme Court Judge, Ya’akov Turkel, harshly criticized both the government and Israeli media today (Hebrew). Turkel claimed the government “doesn’t know how to do Hasbara properly” (inarticulateness in the original), and that its Hasbara organs “have abandoned our judicial Hasbara too quickly. We have more to say, aside from Biblical rights and security reasons”. He also lambasted the Israeli media, who according to him “did not act in accordance with what was good for Israel.” Turkel is 76, so his…

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  • “I didn’t come to Israel - I came to Palestine!”

    Every country has its cinematic bad guy. For the Turks, it’s us Just a few days after the Turkel committee cleared the IDF of any wrongdoings during its raid of the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara, the most expensive Turkish film ever made hit the theaters across Turkey and the rest of Europe. The film, “Valley of the Wolves: Palestine”, is the second in a series of movies depicting the dashing Polat Alemdar taking on bad guys - and winning. The movies are based on a very successful TV series, which in the past have caused much tension in the already-strained relations…

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  • The Gaza Flotilla Inquiry: Afloat in a sea of whitewash

    The Turkel Committee, investigating the legality of Israel’s lethal response to the Gaza Flotilla in May 2010, has published the first part of its conclusions. The omens for the report were not good, and unfortunately, its 248 pages (Hebrew) reinforce the impression that this inquiry was a sham, intended to whitewash any Israeli wrongdoing involved with the incident. This can be gleaned from the report itself, without even having to confront it with any external evidence. The Turkel Committee, investigating the legality of Israel’s lethal response to the Gaza Flotilla in May 2010, has published the first part of its conclusions. The omens for…

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  • The Israeli Gaza flotilla inquiry is a sham

    The Turkel Committee (investigating the legality of Israel's lethal response to the Gaza Flotilla in May of this year) is not only a transparent sham, it also undermines what little faith remains in the Israeli system's ability to scrutinize and correct its own mistakes.     Noam has previously posted on a critical review [Hebrew] of the Turkel Committee (investigating the legality of Israel's lethal response to the Gaza Flotilla in May of this year), by the Israeli blogger Tom. Now, in the final installment [Hebrew] of his critique, Tom uncovers his most damming finding yet. Here is what committee…

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  • Israeli flotilla inquiry panel tough on NGOs, easy on IDF

    A critical review of the protocols of the Turkel Committee, assigned to investigate the raid on the Mavi Marmara which left nine dead, reveals a deep pro-IDF and government bias by committee members One of the great favors the Obama administration did Benjamin Netanyahu last year (another one for which it received very little credit) was its support for an Israeli-led inquiry on the flotilla incident. The Turkel committee - led by a former Israeli Supreme Court justice Jacob Turkel and joined by two international observers – was meant to prevent another Goldstone-style report. When the committee was formed, American…

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  • Izzie in HolyLand - Part 13: A tough week

    Sunday The intercom buzzes outside of Izzie’s office in Jerusalem Secretary: Yes, Ms. Holyland? Izzie: Ruti, what’s on my schedule today? Secretary: Ms. Holyland today you have to convince your cabinet to vote for deporting 400 children who were born in Israel, speak Hebrew with an Israeli accent, were educated here but were unfortunate to have slanted eyes. Izzie: Gotcha. I’ll take care of it. Secretary: Anything else, Ms. Holyland? Izzie: No, that’s it. Oh, wait - did you tell the police I want that “el archive” or something demolished? Secretary: El Arakiv? Izzie: Yeah, that one. Secretary: Yes, Ms. Holyland, they’re…


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