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  • Hundreds protest segregation in Hebron's Shuhada Street

    While Palestinians continue paying the price for the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre, carried out by a Jewish settler 25 years ago, those who share the attacker's racist ideology are now being offered ministerial positions in Israel's Knesset. By +972 Magazine Staff Hundreds of Palestinian, Israeli and international demonstrators marched in the West Bank city of Hebron on Friday to protest against segregation in the city and against the expansion of Israeli settlements. [tmwinpost] This week marks 25 years to the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre, in which Jewish settler Baruch Goldstein killed 29 Palestinian worshipers in the city. After the attack, Israeli forces closed off…

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  • The Palestinian activists protecting Hebron from settler violence

    After Israel boots the only internationally mandated human rights observer group in Hebron, Palestinian volunteers step up to monitor settler attacks amid a sense of heightened hostility. By Steven Davidson About a dozen Palestinian volunteers in blue vests identifying themselves as “human rights observers” made their way toward the Israeli army’s Checkpoint 56 on Shuhada Street in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron early last week. They were escorting children on their way to the Qurtuba school 100 meters away, enduring harassment and kicking by settlers as they let the schoolchildren pass. [tmwinpost] Up until late last month, this was…

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  • Settler violence: It comes with the territory

    Unlike any other aspect of the occupation, settler violence is something nobody outside the radical fringe in Israel will defend. This, alone, they’ll denounce. And yet, nobody -- in Israel or internationally -- has found the political will to put a stop to the decades-long phenomenon, even when the victims are U.S. citizens. By Larry Derfner Photos by Mareike Lauken, Keren Manor and Kamal Shaban, a farmer in the West Bank village of Sinjil, is watching workmen repair a local family’s house that had recently been firebombed by settlers in the middle of the night, forcing the parents and five…

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