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  • To return, we must feel what our grandparents went through

    So what if we didn't liberate Palestine on our rain-soaked March of Return? Each and every one of us got a little taste of what life was like for our forefathers in 1948. There is no doubt that this year's "March of Return" was the most difficult, physically and mentally, of these past years. The inclement weather forecasts did not deter thousands from coming to Hadatha, a small village located on the road between Kfar Tavor and Tiberias. We decided to leave early, after last year's march in Lubya, when we were stuck in traffic for three hours right outside…

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  • The Beaten Path: Fishing for the real at the Sea of Galilee (part 5)

    In an over-mythologized, pre-imagined land of promise, the Sea of Galilee is a dream waiting to be shattered. Here it is, deconstructed. Part five of Yuval Ben-Ami’s journey.  Ruthie, My girlfriend, hates movie spoilers. Tell her so much as one detail of the plot, any detail, and she'll pass on the entire film. I joke that even knowing the genre would kill her fun. Actually, it's worse. We once decided to watch "The Long Goodbye." While waiting for it to download, I hummed the theme song, and she yelled: "don't ruin it for me!" Oddly, the very same Ruthie isn't bothered…

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  • Tiberias spends millions on biblically 'pure' roads

    The city of Tiberias has spent over 18 million NIS on rebuilding its roads so that they are “uncleanliness free” for Jewish descendants of biblical high priests The municipality of Tiberias – not, to put it mildly, one of the richest Israeli towns – has spent over 18 million NIS (about five million USD) over the last few years (Hebrew) in building a special road, about a kilometer long, and spent an unknown sum in a similar road, about 400 meters long. If it spends relatively the same amount, this new and shorter road will end up costing some 5.4…

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