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the wall - 10 years on

  • Construction of Gush Etzion separation fence delayed due to settler objections

    Six months after the Ministry of Defense announced plans to resume construction of the fence in Gush Etzion, the IDF informed settler leaders that construction will not be resumed until the route is reevaluated by government. The Gush Etzion settlement bloc just south of Bethlehem is the location of one of the biggest gaps in the wall in Israel-Palestine. Dozens of miles of the planned route of this project, launched ten years ago following the rise in suicide attacks in Israeli cities, remain unbuilt with construction at a full halt for nearly five years. The lack of construction is due…

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  • Podcast: +972 bloggers explore Israeli walls and borders

    +972 bloggers and journalists discuss where Israel starts and stops. In his journey The Round Trip, Yuval Ben-Ami set out to explore the State of Israel’s first border – the 1949 armistice lines, also known as the 1967 borders. Haggai Matar, on the other hand, is presently investigating a newer frontier, the one created by Israel’s separation barrier in the West Bank.   Listen to them discuss the geographical, political and moral implications of a land with shifting limits, in +972's third podcast.     +972 Podcast - Haggai and Yuval discuss Israel's borders by 972mag View both projects in full: The…

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