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The New Republic

  • It's a man's world: women in journalism and publishing

    Over five years of on-the-ground research. Almost three years of writing and rewriting. And my book about migrant workers and African refugees in Israel just isn't selling. I’ve spent more than two years addressing everything in my control (with the help of an excellent literary agent who has sold some very big books). My experiences as a journalist--and some appalling numbers from the publishing industry--leave me to conclude that editors are passing on my book because I’m a woman. I've also gotten the sense that publishers aren't interested because the discourse about Israel-Palestine is locked into an overly simplistic discussion of…

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  • Room for a Palestinian narrative: A response to Mishy Harman

    TEDx Ramallah was an event which highlighted the ability of an occupied people to maintain an active and vibrant culture. Authors, entrepreneurs, musicians, poets and filmmakers harnessed the power of  new media in order to show the world that Palestine is not just a place of conflict and struggle but also one of cultural production. The result, by most estimations, was a resounding success. However, some did not agree. Writing in The New Republic, Hebrew University doctoral candidate in archeology Mishy Harman shapely criticized TEDx Ramallah describing the event as full of venomous rhetoric towards Israel and the peace process.…

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