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the left in Israel

  • How the settlers took over Israel

    Over the past 13 years the settler Right succeeded in establishing itself as a hegemonic force in Israeli politics, education,  judiciary, culture, and society. If the Left has any chance of pushing back, instead of moderating itself it must radicalize. By Rami Kaplan A sense of doom has overcome the left-wing camp in Israel these days. The prospect of replacing the right-wing government appears more out of reach than ever, and even the term “left wing” has become a slur. The Left’s despondency could be because its flagship issue of the past 30 years, solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is either too…

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  • Stop excusing the 'have-nots' for racism and violence

    The riots in South Tel Aviv are further evidence of the violent racism among Israel's Sephardi underclass. It's part of a worldwide, historic phenomenon among poor people that the left doesn't want to face up to.   As a matter of principle, I think Israel has to relocate the great majority of African refugees from South Tel Aviv's poor Jewish neighborhoods. It isn't fair to the Hatikva and Shapira quarters to have to absorb such a large, alien, troubled and in some ways troubling population when middle-class and upper-class Israel don't have to absorb any refugees at all.  I believe that if left to its own devices, society will turn…

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