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  • Notes from Caracas: "Social justice" comes at a price

    Venezuela has undergone a socio-economic transformation over the last decade, amid calls for "social justice." Many people have paid the price, with their savings and their lives. Tel Aviv's protesters should be aware of the costs of attaining what they are calling for. A tale of two cities I received a note from a Tel Aviv-based friend of mine – a fellow journalist who knew I had just arrived in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas – which read, “Greetings from another revolutionary city, although one with good vibes.” I LOLed (literally, I actually laughed out loud … not one of those…

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  • J14 may challenge something even deeper than the occupation

    The social justice demonstrations have been accused of ignoring the key issue of the occupation. But their tremendous groundswell of solidarity and cooperation is  slowly gnawing at something even more significant than that - the principle of separation, of which the occupation is just one exercise. One of the most impressive aspects of the J14 movement is how quickly it is snowballing, drawing more and more groups and communities into a torrent of discontent. Pouring out into the streets  is everything that Israelis, of all national identities, creeds and most classes complained about for years: The climbing rents, the rising…

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  • Social justice protesters take to the streets

    Social justice protesters  blocked major road tonight across the country, as new protest camps were set up and evicted ones were rebuilt. Earlier today, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented a housing plan consisting mainly of speeding up privatisation, jarring badly with the protesters' demand for "welfare state now" In the special press conference at his office in Jerusalem this morning, Netanyahu attempted to empathise with the protest, claiming he identified the looming housing crisis already several years ago and promised. Flanked by housing minister Ariel Atias and finance minister Yuval Steinitz, whom Netanyahu reportedly attempted to oust just a few…

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