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Tel Aviv Pride

  • LGBTQ Israelis come out against occupation and homophobia

    In response to online homophobic attacks, over 50 LGBTQ left-wing activists and NGO workers in Israel-Palestine release a statement condemning the occupation, racism and pinkwashing. By Yael Marom The week before last a notorious extreme right-wing Israeli rapper posted another homophobic status on his Facebook page. The post, which was not the from a right-winger to put LGBTQ members of human rights organizations in the crosshairs, was the catalyst for an initiative to bring together LGBTQ left-wing activists ahead of the Tel Aviv Pride march this week. [tmwinpost] As part of his post, the rapper attached pictures of five of our…

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  • Tel Aviv's week of Pride and militarism

    Next week, as tourists descend on Tel Aviv for the yearly pride parade, a separate international contingent will touch down in the city for a high-profile arms fair. By Tanya Rubinstein The upcoming Tel Aviv Pride parade has set social media, the streets and the queer community alight. In preparation for the June 9 march, the city’s streets are already filling up with rainbow flags and cute tourists. Luckily for the parade’s organizers, this year's event is taking place in the second week of June rather than the first, which marks 50 years since the start of the 1967 occupation. We already…

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  • Israel's deafening silence on Chechnya

    Israel claims that its attitude towards the LGBT community within its borders is proof of its 'light unto the nations' status. So why is the government silent when LGBTs overseas are rounded up and tortured? By Ilan Manor One winter morning during his second tenure as British prime minister, Winston Churchill awoke to a scandal: two backbench MPs, it is said, had been caught in a homosexual act in one of London's public parks. "Two men, in a park, in January?" Churchill wondered aloud, before adding: "Makes you proud to be British.” [tmwinpost] Much has changed in the public perception of…

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  • Did the Israeli government just admit to 'pinkwashing?'

    LGBTQ organizations in Israel are threatening to cancel Tel Aviv's yearly Pride Parade unless the government allocates more money to their groups and causes at home — and not just use the parade to promote Israel as a bastion of progressive liberalism overseas. The government's response? Pull the international promotional budget. By Yael Marom The LGTBQ community in Israel is threatening to hold a huge demonstration instead of the internationally lauded annual Tel Aviv Pride Parade this year. The bold threat is the result of an announcement that the Tourism Ministry was budgeting NIS 11 million ($2.9 million) to promote…

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  • Radio Ramallah: The cultural bridge that was

    Between 1949-1967 there was a radio station that united West Bank Palestinians and Jerusalem Jews. It wasn't interested in propaganda or demagogy, only playing the most popular Western and Arabic music. A brief history of Radio Ramallah and the legacy it leaves behind.  By Niros* Last Saturday night, while walking on Tel Aviv's Ha'aliya Street, a man from Ramallah turned toward me and my partner. He and three of his friends were a little drunk and in a good mood. It seemed that they had just returned from some Tel Aviv club. He spoke to us first in Arabic before…

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  • LGBT and feminist struggles are not over: A reminder to the Israeli left

    While the majority of Israel's radical left focuses on the Prawer Plan or ending the occupation, it tends to neglect the hardships of the LGBT community. By Leehee Rothschild Last Thursday, I attended the protest against the Prawer Plan in the Negev. There, in the heat, hundreds of people stood and chanted slogans against the plan which could evict up to 40,000 Bedouin, Israeli citizens, from their homes. I was there to protest ethnic cleansing, racism, prejudice, and ongoing discrimination. On Thursday I went to a demonstration against Prawer Plan, a demonstration whose importance is beyond any shred of doubt, and yet, the…

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